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Pratiksha Chavan

Pratiksha is an advanced Yoga instructor who despite her young years has many years of practice and training behind her. She trains our clients in many different styles – kundalini, hatha, integral, pre/postnatal, vinyasa flow, yin yoga, therapeutic yoga and meditation and other pranayama practices. She likes to combine the therapeutics of movement and breath through gentle hands-on instruction and is able to guide each client toward their best alignment thus maximizing the healing powers of yogic practices. Pratiksha believes that spinal alignment and breath are at the core of every practice and ensures that these are conveyed to all her students. According to her, “If poor postural and breathing habits are identified and corrected, the body and soul become more closely aligned ensuring that we reach our fullest potential.” Pratiksha is fully inspired to share the techniques that she has learned from her gurus and which have helped her along her own healing path. Pratiksha is also a two time state player in Basketball and loves to play a good game every now and again.

To Book Pratiskha for a private or group yoga class, call on 98 20 607 875 or use the form below.

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