Ashwini Best Yoga Instructor Khar Bandra


Age: Thirties
Experience: 10+ years
Specialization: Yoga

With more than ten years of expertise in creating and directing flow, Hatha, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa yoga classes, Ashwini is an enthusiastic yoga instructor and one of the best yoga instructors in the Bandra Khar area of Mumbai. She gained extensive knowledge of yogic postures, breathing exercises, and spiritual components of teaching yoga after completing an advanced 250-hour yoga teacher training program at Yoga Vidya Niketan, which is equivalent to a bachelor's degree in yoga. With a long and illustrious practicing and teaching career across two continents, Ashwini has spent more than two years working as a lead instructor at Northeastern University in Boston, where she taught yoga to more than 2500 students! Ashwini has also taught yoga and corporate yoga at Scion Staffing in California and Aliso Viejo, and to employees of Synapse Energy in Boston. She has also created integrated lesson plans and yoga class sequences, including vinyasa and flow styles for students at all skill levels. She has worked one-on-one with students to foster motivation and improve their personal performance goals as a Lead Yoga Instructor at Northeastern University in Boston. In addition, Ashwini has experience teaching students at Orchid International School, Thane on how to increase their range of motion and flexibility by adding a yoga series to the PT programs. Now settled in Mumbai, Ashwini is eager to assist clients in their yoga journey by imparting her vast knowledge, experience and wisdom.

Training Experience

What are Ashwini's qualifications?

Ashwini has completed her Bachelor's in Yoga from the renowned Yoga Vidya Gurukul in Nasik.

What is Ashwini's teaching experience?

Ashwini has worked at Scion Staffing in California, Aliso Viejo, and at Synapse Energy in Boston teaching Corporate Yoga instructor-designed yoga class sequences and integrated lesson plans, including vinyasa and flow formats for beginner and advanced students. She has been a Lead Yoga Instructor at Northeastern University in, Boston working one-on-one with students to nurture their motivation and enhance their personal performance goals. Ashwini has also worked at Orchid International School in Thane training clients on how to incorporate flexibility and mobility through a supplemental yoga series in addition to teaching weight training programs.

What is Ashwini's style of teaching?

Since Ashwini recognizes yoga philosophy as a rigorous technique of introspection and self-transformation, her approach is thought-provoking and intriguing. Her approach to teaching is applying scientifically proven yoga poses to address certain medical issues. Ashwini uses the ideas and practices of yoga to encourage people to take steps towards improved health and well-being. Her training includes Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Hatha. Ashwini creates a personalized exercise regimen for each of her clients to lower stress and foster general tranquility. Ashwini, who has studied alignment in addition to anatomy, applies the concepts of functional anatomy to particular asanas, to transitions between poses, and to enhance the safety and effectiveness of postures by utilizing neurological reflexes. She assists the client in selecting the most beneficial yoga routine and then provides support as they use these concepts in their own lives.

Is Ashwini available for personal training at home?

Yes! Ashwini is available to teach yoga personally at home to serious clients living in Bandra, Khar and Santacruz suburbs of Mumbai. Additionally she is also available to teach yoga throgh the online medium.


Vinyasa Yoga
Ashtanga Yoga
Hatha Yoga

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