Neeta Rathod Best Yoga Teacher South Mumbai


Age: Twenties
Experience: 3+ years
Specialization: Yoga

Neeta is one of our top yoga instructors training our clients in all areas of South Mumbai. After suffering from health ailments for quite a while very early on in life, Neeta decided to turn to Yoga to help her overcome her difficulties. After successfully recovering from physical ailments, she decided to spread the knowledge of yoga and help other individuals benefit from this holistic practice. Neeta is a very dedicated instructor who specializes in Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Meditation and Pregnancy Yoga. Having completed a one year diploma in Yoga from Kaivalyadham Yoga Institute and Research Center, she has shared her knowledge of asanas and pranayama with many clients over the period of a year. With her vast knowledge and confidence, Neeta shares her expertise and helps clients attain their individualistic goals.

Training Experience

What form of Yoga does Neeta specialize in?

Hatha Yoga  Kriya Yoga  Meditation  Pregnancy Yoga

What is Neeta’s teaching philosophy ?

Neeta believes in understanding the history of individuals and selecting Asana postures and Pranayama to match their requirements. She also conducts specially designed Pre-Natal Yoga sessions and Meditation sessions to help her clients cope with stress.

Is Neeta Available for Personal Training?

Yes, Neeta is available for personal training sessions in South Mumbai.


Hatha Yoga
Kriya Yoga
Pregnancy Yoga

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