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Age: Twenties
Experience: 3+ years
Specialization: Yoga

Amisha is a a Bangalore-based yoga instructor who teaches our clients in the Indiranagar suburb and surrounding areas. Amisha discovered her love for yoga in her early twenties and hasn't looked back since. Amisha has completed her yoga instructor course from S-VYASA, Bangalore, one of the leading yoga institutions in India, where she learned the traditional style of yoga and the importance of a holistic approach to health and wellness. Amisha was drawn to the institution's emphasis on research, which helped her understand the scientific benefits of yoga and develop a deeper appreciation for the practice. After completing her instructor course, Anjali decided to pursue her passion for yoga and enrolled in S-VYASA's MSc in Yoga Therapy program. The program deepened her knowledge of yoga and its therapeutic benefits. Anjali is an expert in tailoring yoga practices to help individuals with specific physical, emotional, and mental health challenges, and uses yoga as a complementary therapy. Her clients appreciate her gentle and compassionate approach to teaching and the way she has made yoga accessible to people of all ages and abilities. Anjali's classes are a blend of traditional yoga postures, pranayama (breathing exercises), and meditation. She tailors her classes to the specific needs of her students, helping them address physical, emotional, and mental health challenges. Her classes are often described as transformative, and her students credit her with helping them find inner peace, strength, and clarity. Amisha also works as a yoga therapist, helping individuals with specific health challenges such as chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. She works closely with her clients to understand their specific needs and develops personalized yoga practices that help them manage their symptoms and improve their overall well-being. Anjali's commitment to spreading the benefits of yoga has earned her a reputation as one of the leading yoga instructors in Bangalore.

Training Experience

What are Amisha's Qualifications?

Amisha has successfully completed the Yoga Instructor Course from the Svyasa Institute in Bangalore. She has also completed the MSc in Yoga Therapy from the same institution.

What is Amisha's style of teaching?

Amisha works equally well with young as well as older clients. Amisha's teaching style is a unique blend of Hatha, Vinyasa, Power, Ashtanga and Pranayama. Her deliberate, concentrated movements and postures aim to promote flexibility, strengthen muscles, and align the body. Her classes often include breathing techniques, creating a relaxing experience for her clients. Amisha incorporates the athleticism of Ashtanga, including lots of Vinyasa Flow techniques, while giving her clients the flexibility to change the order, ensuring each class is different. Her approach encourages students to explore their potential and deepen their practice with every session.

Is Amisha available for personal training at home?

Yes! Amisha is available as a personal yoga instructor at home for clients staying in Indiranagar and other nearby areas of Bangalore. She is also available as an online yoga instructor to learners worldwide.


Hatha Yoga
Ashtanga Yoga
Power Yoga
Vinyasa Flow

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