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Age: Twenties
Experience: 5 + years
Specialization: Functional

Vinayak is a functional fitness and calisthenics expert and trains our clients all over Mumbai for strength, flexibility, endurance and stamina. For functional fitness trainers, good education, a well trained eye and experience are the pre requisites for them to successfully train clients. Thanks to his good foundations, Vinayak is able to not only train regular clients but also those who are recovering from an operation or want to eliminate injuries and pain. Clients who work with Vinayak report that they feel fitter, healthier and resilient to injuries. Vinayak lives by the conviction that targeted functional fitness training is the best training for a person to tackle everyday life.

Training Experience

What are Vinayak's qualifications?

Vinayak is certified from the K 11 Academy for Fitness Trainers in Mumbai.

What is Vinayak's teaching style?

Vinayak believes that there is no single superior form of training and that there are and should be many different forms of training that are effective. Any form of fitness that helps a client reach his / her goals must be used.

What is Vinayak's teaching philosophy?

Vinayak believes that the one-sided nature of our jobs and recreation habits result in a sedentary lifestyle and combined with poor posture and decreased fitness leads to a poor quality of life. Vinayak stresses on "back to the roots' fitness that is far away from extreme sports or extreme weight loss but rather focuses on balanced exercise which leads to increased well-being. Vinayak's training program draws on time and tested training principles and combines them in an efficient manner. Vinayak's goal of training his clients is to "wake up" the body and give it mobility for life.

Is Vinayak available for personal training?

Yes. Vinayak is available for personal training for clients all over Mumbai.


Functional Training

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