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Age: Thirties
Experience: 8+ years
Specialization: Zumba, Fitness

Vibha is a committed Zumba Instructor based in Gurgaon and conducts group Zumba sessions for corporates across Gurgaon and Delhi. Vibha is keen to share her passion for dance with those she teaches whether it is a small group at a studio or hundreds of participants at big events. Being a multi-faceted and trained dancer in Kathak, Jazz, and Contemporary, Vibha choreographs dance routines that are stimulating and challenging for all participants while keeping the fun factor high at all times! Having done her professional training with renowned dancer and choreographer Swati Mohan, Artistic Director of Danzaa Performing Arts, Vibha combines Zumba core rhythms like Merengue and Salsa with approved dance and choreography on trending numbers to create innovative routines.  With over 8 years of experience in the field, she enhances students’ overall levels of muscular conditioning balance, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. Vibha is actually a banker by profession having worked with investment banks like Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers and Bank of America but her passion for dance and fitness led her down a different path. Running her own Dance academy currently, Vibha uses her choreography skills to create fun, engaging dance routines that integrate combinations of movements that move through space using different orientations, levels, speeds, and intensities. Today, people around the world have become conscious of their health and are opting for fitness programs. Studies show that a Zumba workout can burn an average of 9.5 calories per minute! Join Vibha’s session today and dance your way toward your fitness goals!

Training Experience

What are Vibha's qualifications?

Vibha is a licensed Zumba Instructor having completed the Zumba Basic 1 Certification. Vibha is also a BOSS-certified Physique Transformation Expert and CPR AED expert.

What is Vibha's style of teaching?

Vibha’s classes consist of Latin and Bollywood dance songs, each with highly choreographed dance movements that build on each other. She starts with a slower warm-up song, building intensity throughout the workout. It will offer a slower beat to help you get warmed up, with each successive song building in intensity and challenge, with a few lower-intensity dance series built in for recovery. The workout wraps up with a cool-down song. Even if you’re not a strong dancer, the choreography is repetitive and designed to be built upon, so you can catch up on the moves. Vibha will typically dance along with the clients to demonstrate the moves and to keep them motivated and upbeat. She also keenly observes the client to ensure exercises are done correctly to avoid any strains or injuries. Beyond this, Vibha also keeps choreographing new routines to the latest tunes to keep the client interested. Vibha’s classes are designed to make you sweat and smile.

Is Vibha available for group classes?

Yes! Vibha is available as Group Zumba Instructor for outdoor and indoor corporate events, conferences and seminars across Gurgaon and Delhi.



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