Shweta Yoga Trainer at Home Dwarka Delhi


Age: Thirties
Experience: 6+ years
Specialization: Yoga

Sweta is one of the top personal yoga trainers in Dwarka. With over six years of experience, Shweta is an expert in Naturopathy, Nutrition, and Yoga and Meditation Training. As a yoga instructor she has a kind and engaging teaching style. During her group classes and personal training programs, she demonstrates her expertise in a variety of areas, such as naturopathic remedies, meditation, mantra chanting, pranayama, kriyas, and yoga asanas. Shweta has worked in the past at P-Esthetico Clinic as a dietitian, yoga consultant, freelance yoga instructor, and naturopath consultant. Shweta holds numerous certifications including one from the Menzies Institute of Medical Research, University of Tasmania, and one from the Career Development College London  on intermittent fasting and understanding multiple sclerosis, respectively. Alison University also awarded her a diploma in human nutrition. Shweta obtained her diploma in yoga and naturopathy from the Gandhi Smarak Prakritik Chikitsa Samiti and her master's degree in yoga and naturopathy from Sunrise University. Shweta is trained in Acupressure Levels 1 and Level 2, and she has an Acupressure Certificate of Training from Acupressure Shodh Prashikshan Evam Upchar Sansthan. Shweta has exceptional experience giving naturopathic treatments and health food supplements and is well-versed in hydrotherapy, osteopathic medicine, and detoxification.

Training Experience

What are Shweta's qualifications?

Shweta holds a Certificate in Intermittent Fasting from the Career Development College London, UK, as well as a Certificate in Understanding Multiple Sclerosis from Menzies Institute of Medical Research, University of Tasmania. She also holds a Diploma in Human Nutrition from Alison. Shweta has done her Masters in Yoga & Naturopathy from Sunrise University and holds a Diploma in Naturopathy & Yoga from the Gandhi Smarak Prakritik Chikitsa Samiti. Shweta holds a Certificate of Training in Acupressure from Acupressure Shodh, Prashikshan Evam Upchar Sansthan, and is trained in Acupressure Level 1 & 2.

What is Shweta's teaching experience?

Shweta has been a Freelance, Yoga Instructor & Naturopath Consultant and a Dietitian & Yoga Consultant at P-Esthetico Clinic. She has worked as a Yoga Instructor at Monark Health & Wellness Care.

What is Shweta's style of teaching?

Shweta combines acupressure and yoga in her sessions; it's essentially a hybrid of the two. She will lead you through yoga poses while applying pressure to certain acupressure sites on your body. Utilizing yoga and acupressure at the same time has a complementary impact since both seek to bring the body and mind back into equilibrium. She promotes nature cures like yoga and naturopathy as an alternative therapy that uses the power of nature to assist the body in healing itself because she is also a registered naturopath. You will be guided by Shweta while you practise pranayama, kriyas, yogasanas, mantra chanting, meditation, and natural therapy. She also has training in hydrotherapy. In addition to improving function, strength, and range of motion, hydrotherapy helps reduce discomfort and swelling. Some people report better moods and sleep, while others report increased fitness and weight loss.

Is Shweta available for personal training at home?

Yes! Shweta is available for personal training at home for clients living in the Dwarka area of Delhi. She is also available as an online yoga instructor for clients residing in other cities and countries.


Ashtanga Yoga
Hatha Yoga
Human Nutrition
Osteopathic medicine

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