Female Yoga Instructor BKC Bandra Kurla Complex Mumbai


Age: Thirties
Experience : 6+ years
Specialization : Yoga

Trupti is a highly experienced Yoga instructor who trains our clients in BKC, Bandra East, Khar and Santacruz suburbs of Mumbai. Trupti conducts personal training in yoga for learners of all levels and age groups creating a soulful, energizing, uplifting flow class based on energetic sequencing, connected to asanas, and traditional Yoga along with famous yoga instructor Ajinkya Meher's Yoga concepts. Having worked at Ajinkya Meher Yoga Shala her sessions cover dynamic and static Yoga styles, teaching methodology as well as a teaching practicum that covers multi-disciplinary styles of yoga. Trupti also holds a PG Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics and has worked as a chief dietician at Planet Health Gym, having a proven track record of helping clients achieve their weight loss, nutrition goals and manage their overall health and wellness. She has also worked with GOQII Technologies and Kaya Life as a Nutrition Consultant and brings forth a deep understanding of how nutrition and food affect health, weight, and lifestyle. Trupti’s core values and beliefs are simplicity, striking a balance, working with the client as a unit, and creating innovative workouts for different individual needs. She believes that with the right foundation and guidance one can move into even the most difficult Yoga postures with safety and confidence, and she hopes to be that guiding force behind all her clients.

Training Experience

What are Trupti's qualifications?

Trupti has received certification from The Yoga Institute in their extensive 1 year Yoga Teacher Training Course. She is also qualified as a Diabetes Educator having done the certificate course at Project Hope. Trupti also holds a Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics and has learned advanced asana in Ajinkya Meher Yoga.

What is Trupti's teaching experience?

Trupti has worked as a dietician in Kaya Life as well as an assistant manager in Pretti Slim prescribing diets and writing articles for their website. She has maintained diet profiles for clients as she was the Chief dietician at Planet Health Gym. Trupti has also organized several events on nutrition, updating diet counselors with the current nutrition knowledge during her job as Slimming manager in VLCC. She has also worked with GOQII Technologies as a Nutrition Consultant. She has worked with Ajinkya Meher Yoga Shala and also learned advanced asana there. Trupti has also freelanced as a dietician and conducted several Yoga workshops as well as making Yoga videos for Times of India office executives.

What is Trupti's style of teaching?

Trupti prepares the client for asanas with drills to strengthen the arms and core. She follows a set sequence of poses she guides the client to flow from pose to pose in Surya Namaskars (sun salutations) and maintains each pose for 5- 8 breaths at a time. She incorporates Ajinkya Meher Yoga concepts in each session. This is a structured and dynamic practice and physically demanding but Trupti ensures to modulate it to the client’s ability and skill level. She also analyses the client’s eating habits and dietary needs prior to creating individualized plans that support their goals and overall wellness improvements. Trupti also integrates backbends into the Yoga routine. Backbends strengthen your back, shoulders, chest, and hips, lengthen the spine, and improves overall posture. She teaches the client how to perform the deeper asanas while ensuring safety and preventing injury. Backbend asanas help relieve tension, tightness, and pain.

Is Trupti available for personal training at home?

Yes! Trupti is available as a personal trainer at home for clients residing in BKC, Santacruz, Khar and Bandra areas of Mumbai. She is also available online to yoga learners worldwide.


Ajinkya Meher Yoga
Vinyasa Yoga
Ashtanga Yoga
Hatha Yoga

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