Functiona Fitness Trainer Tejesh

Tejesh Pilankar

Age: Thirties
Experience: 10 years
Specialization: Functional

Tejesh is a highly versatile and qualified Fitness & Yoga Instructor who trains our clients in Mumbai. He believes that with regular practice, one can work toward completely transforming their body and health. Tejesh believes that fitness means making healthy lifestyle changes that must be adopted by everyone. Through his yoga flow and functional training, he helps his clients embark on a compassionate journey of strength, flexibility, self-discovery, realization and insight into their own limitations. Tejesh strongly believes in helping his clients break through their self-imposed boundaries. Tejesh has successfully completed his Fitness certification course from K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences.

Training Experience

How many years of experience does Tejesh have?

Tejesh has over a decade worth of experience as a Gym Instructor and 6 years in the field of Yoga.

What is Tejesh's teaching philosophy?

Tejesh focuses on correct posture alignment and designs fitness workouts that provide guaranteed results for his clients. He makes sure to assess his clients before beginning any training routine as he believes that Fitness training programs must be strictly customized for any and all individuals.

Is Tejesh available for personal training?

Yes. Tejesh is available for personal training in South Mumbai.


Functional Training

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