Bodybuilding Personal Trainer Body Transformation Specialist South Mumbai


Age: Thirties
Experience: 3+ years
Specialization: Bodybuilding

Taha is a highly qualified fitness trainer specializing in Body Building and Body Transformation and trains our clients all over South Mumbai. Extremely knowledgeable in current fitness trends and human anatomy, he has received his fitness certification from the highly acclaimed Nottingham Trent University in London. A spirited instructor with weight management expertise and the ability to motivate clients towards accomplishing weight loss goals, Taha designs and programs individual training sessions to match the skills and learning levels of his clients. As a "Body Transformation Specialist" Taha specializes in transforming his client's relationship with food and his / her body. Being well-informed in the field of nutrition is vital to how Taha delivers results. Plans are individually curated to varying lifestyles and long term goals of his clients. Besides possessing a wealth of knowledge regarding various types of physical activities and their outcomes, Taha has a great deal of understanding about the important role that effective nutrition and informed supplementation has in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Having the ability to perform full nutritional assessments, Taha also incorporates his vast knowledge as a nutritionist into every client's fitness regime. Demonstrating simple and effective dietary changes for long-lasting results, Taha helps clients understand the relationships between correct eating habits and fitness outcomes. Whether your goals are muscle gain, fat loss, body toning or functional fitness routines, hiring Taha as a personal trainer will help build your stamina, achieve desired fitness goals and pave the way for your body transformation!

Training Experience

What are Taha's qualifications?

Taha has received his qualifications from the prestigious Nottingham Trent University in London. He has received a Degree in Exercise Nutrition and Health, leading to his expertise as a nutritionist. He is also certified from the Register of Exercise Professional 3 (REPS), making him a highly qualified fitness instructor. Integrating these two streams of education, Taha is now a Body Transformation Specialist.

What is Taha's style of teaching?

Taha leads, instructs and motivates clients imparting knowledge on current fitness trends, and coaches them on strength training and stretching. He communicates with clients to accurately identify fitness goals, and provides assistance by giving diet recommendations and nutritional guidelines. Being safety conscious as well, he provides clients with educational information, including materials on preventive care as he has extensive knowledge regarding injury management. He possesses a proven track record in helping clients achieve fitness goals through customized exercise routines, integrated with diet plans making him one of the most sought-after fitness instructors we have!

Is Taha available for personal training at home?

Yes! Taha is available for one-on-one personal training at home for select clients in and around South Mumbai. He is also available as an online fitness expert to clients worldwide.


Fat Loss
Exercise Physiology
Fitness Asessments

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