Yoga Teacher Mapusa Goa Sukanya


Age: Thirties
Experience: 3+ years
Specialization: Yoga

Sukanya is a committed and experienced yoga and naturopathy instructor who lives and trains clients personally and in groups in Mapusa, Goa. Sukanya develops effective training and meditation methods that learners can incorporate into their regular routine with ease. Sukanya's trainings dwells on empowering the students to practice even a few minutes on their own every day so that they can make a big difference in their life's wellness factor. Before designing a very unique and personalized practice for a client, Sukanya will assess your physical make-up, flexibility, strength, mental-emotional patterns, time availability, and the ideal times to practice throughout the day. According to Sukanya - It's crucial that we include the appropriate amount of nutrition in our daily diet. Sukanya will lead you through a balanced blend of conventional therapy, herbal cures, and healthy behaviors because she is well-versed in naturopathy. To support the body's natural ability to respond and heal, she will employ natural ways to get you to your highest self. The confluence of body, breath, and thought gradually comes together in her classes. Your energy levels will rise, your aches and pains will subside, your degree of self-awareness will rise, and you'll actually experience an increase in serenity and peace. Traditional yoga and naturopathy are combined by Sukanya for the most relaxing and revitalizing experience. Her sessions are also thoughtfully planned and meticulously tailored to treat the underlying causes of any condition or ailment that a learner may have.

Training Experience

What are Sukanya's qualifications?

Sukanya has received her yoga teacher training certification from the Asian Yoga Institute in Kolkata.

What is Sukanya's style of teaching?

By providing the most effective Yoga health and naturopathy solutions in their purest, most practical form, Sukanya integrates the art and science of natural treatment. To offer a comprehensive experience, her sessions are founded on the principles of yoga and naturopathy. Her practice combines yogic asanas, pranayama, and other techniques that promote healthy living and offer long-lasting relief from a variety of diseases. Through Naturopathy Sukanya seeks to encompass all the drugless therapies (with proven & empirical basis) and seeks to present them to the client as an option of total health care without any chemical or herbal medicines. This is especially relevant in the present times with the rise of lifestyle diseases to almost epidemic proportions and that too despite the advancements in modern science and super specialty care.

What are Sukanya's other skills?

Sukanya also has extensive experience as a costume stylist having worked in dozens of feature films, ad films, web series and music videos in the past. She also has many years of dance experience in performing and teaching mainly Fusion, Waacking and Bollywood.

Is Sukanya available for personal training at home?

Yes! Sukanya is available to teach at home in private one to one classes in Mapusa in Goa. She is also available as an online yoga instructor to anyone desiring to learn yoga from her virtually.


Vinyasa Yoga
Ashtanga Yoga
Meditation Techniques

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