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Age: Thirties
Experience: 8 + years
Specialization: Ashtanga Yoga

Sujoita is a young and multi-talented fitness instructor with specialization in Yoga and Dance fitness. As a personal yoga instructor who trains Welintra's clients in Andheri West and Lokhandwala in Ashtanga Yoga and Dance-Yoga Fusion, her multi-disciplinary approach towards Fitness and Yoga has endeared her to all her clients who swear by her fun teaching style and her command over Yoga, Body Toning, Pilates and Body Strengthening techniques. If you are looking for a dedicated Yoga Trainer or a Dance Instructor with extraordinary fitness levels and extremely high levels of motivation and commitment to excellence, look no further!

Training Experience

What are Sujoita's certifications?

Sujoita has successfully completed the renowned 18 month Diploma in Dance Foundation Course which is an undergraduate program from the Terence Lewis Academy in Mumbai which trains one for mastery over Modern Dance, Strength Training and Yoga. She also has a special Certificate & Badge for Body Flexibility from the Terence Lewis Academy.

What can Sujoita do for me?

With a pleasing personality and an ability to communicate effectively, Sujoita helps her clients grasp techniques and asanas faster and designs effective weight loss, body toning and flexibility programs that are tailor-made to the ability of each client whatever be their own fitness levels.

Is Sujoita available for personal training?

Yes. Sujoita is available for personal training in the Andheri West area of Mumbai.

Ashtanga Yoga

Dance Fitness


Body Toning

Dance Fusion


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