Age: Twenties
Experience: 4+ years
Specialization: Yoga

Simi is a QCI-certified yoga instructor with an M.Sc in Yoga Therapy and trains our clients in the Chembur and Ghatkopar areas of Mumbai. Simi is a young and highly motivated yoga trainer who is skilled at assessing her client's need and developing personalised yoga programs to meet weight loss, flexibility and fitness goals. By energetically engaging her clients whether it is through personal one-on-one sessions or in group classes, Simi ensures that all her clients are motivated to do yoga at all time whether on or off the mat. She also believes in routinely demonstating proper breathing techniques and movements to ensure that her students remain safe when doing advanced asanas. Learners of yoga can expect to leave Simi's classes feeling empowered and looking forward to the next session!

Training Experience

What are Simi's qualifications?

Simi has multiple qualifications for teaching yoga. She has completed the one year Yoga Education Diploma Course conducted by well known Ghantali Mitra Mandal in Thane which was established in the year 1965 by Yogacharya Shrikrishna Vyavahare (Swami Satyakarmananda). She has also completed the Yoga Instructor Course from the SVYASA institute in Bangalore. She has also completed the YIDM (Yoga Instructor for Diabetes Movement) course from the same institute. She is also trained in Reiki having completed the 1st degree Reiki course.

What is Simi's teaching style and philosophy?

Simi believes that yoga instructors must help learners develop more clarity on the hows and whys of yoga practice and to feel more centered and energised so that they have the energy and motivation to follow through with their life's ambitions and goals and have their mind and body support them in all their endeavours. Because it is only through a perfectly functioning body that a human being can have the energy and motivation to achieve all desires, ambitions and goals.

Is Simi available for personal training?

Yes. Simi is available for personal training at home in Ghatkopar and Chembur areas and worldwide to those who would like to learn yoga online.


Traditional Yoga
Therapeutic Yoga
Prenatal Postnatal Yoga
Kids Yoga
Weight Loss

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