Shivani Yoga Instructor Goregaon Mumbai


Age: Twenties
Experience: 3+ years
Specialization: Yoga

Shivani is a young and committed yoga instructor who trains our clients in Goregaon suburb of Mumbai. As a dedicated yoga instructor, Shivani will guide you on the road to recovery and change your mindset from one of discouragement to one of confidence, with individualized therapeutic instruction, and a tailored yoga plan. She shows you how to end the vicious cycle of learned pain and defense against your physical traumas by utilizing both conventional yoga therapy and intuitive therapeutic methods. Shivani provides more than just fitness care; she also gives people hope and the self-assurance to care for themselves. Shivani provides options and alternatives that are unavailable to people who solely practice clinical Western medicine, catering to those seeking something more than a prescription but a holistic lifestyle. Shivani offers each person she works with a range of skills, asanas, meditation, and a different viewpoint to wellness. She has helped many people reach their fitness goals and given them hope of improving their health for the long term. Help yourself on the right path. Attend Shivani's sessions today!

Training Experience

What are Shivani's qualifications?

Shivani has completed the Standard Teachers’ Training Course (200 Hours) in Yoga Education from The Yoga Institute.

What is Shivani's style of teaching?

Shivani practices Hatha yoga, among other conventional forms. Shivani incorporates Ashtanga yoga as well. In Ashtanga yoga, we focus on the mind, regulate the senses, and increase our awareness of our physical and mental well-being via the use of deep breathing, postures (asana), and gazing (drishti). Through regular practice and repetition, this awareness is gradually acquired over time. With Shivani's program, you can learn the traditional Hatha yoga method. Hatha yoga is a branch that focuses on maintaining and channeling life force or energy through physical postures. This practice is progressively developed starting with the first session. The intensity rises as one moves from intermediate to advanced levels. Throughout her classes, she will provide the nuanced alignments, variations, techniques, and suggested practice for each Asana.

Is Shivani available for personal training at home?

Yes! Shivani is available for one-on-one personal training sessions in yoga to clients living in Goregaon in Mumbai. She is also available for online instruction to clients who cannot avail of offline personal training.


Ashtanga Yoga
Hatha Yoga
Yoga Therapy

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