Female Yoga Instructor Sector 7 Gurgaon


Age: Twenties
Experience: 3+ years
Specialization: Yoga

Sejal is an extremely driven yoga teacher who trains our clients in Sector 7 Gurgaon. Sejal teaches all forms of yoga with a focus on therapeutic yoga practices for conditions including diabetes, thyroid, arthritis, joint pain, cervical pain, hormonal disorders, depression, insomnia, and digestive disorders. Being trained in Nutritional Planning, Sejal also designs customized diet plans to educate her clients about the potential health advantages of altering their eating habits and improving the caliber of the food and drinks they consume. Her clients can use the diet plan as a personalized guide to help them manage their lifestyle choices, exercise regimen, and food habits. Her accomplishments include taking part in the Satviko food marathon's 108 Surya namaskar and yoga championships. Sejal has also presented a research paper at the 4th international conference on Yoga, Yagya & Ayurveda titled "The level of aggression in yoga and Naïve to yoga students: Cross Sectional (Comparative Study)" and participated in a one-day workshop on "Conceptual understanding of yogic psychological strategies to enhance cognitive skill." Additionally, Sejal has volunteered to take part in a scientific study on the "Effects of Uni and bilateral nostril yoga breathing on psychological and physiological variables." In addition, Sejal incorporates Om meditation, Shat karma, and the cyclic meditation (CM) approach for rapid relaxation into her sessions.

Training Experience

What are Sejal's qualifications?

Sejal has completed her Yoga Instructor Course (YIC) from S-VYASA Yoga University, Bangalore and has done her B.A (Yogic Science) from University of Patanjali (Roorkee, Haridwar). Sejal has also received a certificate in diet and nutrition (CFN) from the Indra Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). Her achievements include participation in yoga championships and in 108 Surya namaskar in Satviko food marathon. Sejal has been Honored as yog jagariti blessings and has conducted a yoga session in corporate sector on yoga day. She was awarded Second position at block level in Khel mahakumbh India and Third position at district level in Khel Mahakumbh India.

What is Sejal's style of teaching?

Om meditation, Shatkarma, and Cyclic meditation are among the techniques taught by Sejal. Based on the idea of alternating between states of stimulation and relaxation, cyclic meditation also integrates the idea of cyclicity and is in harmony with the natural world. Sejal uses a variety of stimuli that range in strength and are appropriate for addressing different stress levels, promoting balanced development in line with your inner essence. She will lead you through intentional and methodical stretches, followed by relaxing poses such as Pada Hastasana, Ardha Chakrasana, and Ardhakati Chakrasana, as well as sitting poses like Ushtrasana and Shashankasana. Her classes also include yoga poses for ailments like thyroid, diabetes, arthritis, joint pain, cervical pain, depression, insomnia, and digestive issues. Certified in Diet and Nutrition (CFN) from the Indra Gandhi National Open University, Sejal also offers meal planning, supports patients in concentrating on their well-being, and assists clients in overcoming health and diet obstacles.

Is Sejal available for personal training at home?

Yes! Sejal is available to teach personally at home in private classes to clients living in Sector 7 in Gurgaon. She is also available as an online yoga instructor to learners worldwide.


Yoga Therapy
Om Meditation
Diet and Nutrition
Cyclic Meditation

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