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Age: Twenties
Experience: 2+ years
Specialization: Zumba

Sayanti is an energetic and communicative Zumba® instructor well versed in individual coaching techniques thanks to her extensive experience with all forms of fitness including Yoga. Sayanti's Zumba® dance sessions which is a workout in disguise, have unique mental and physical benefits. By teaching stomach gyrating and hip-swinging movements, Sayanti ensures increased core and trunk strength and better balance for all her clients. She creates a non-intimidating and fun environment and avoids presenting herself as the sole authority and running a highly regimented class. In her dance workout sessions, Sayanti uses a combination of Hip-Hop, Salsa, Samba, Bollywood hip-hop, and other dance forms to design an invigorating interval workout for all participants. She variates each session between low and high-intensity dance workouts, combining slower dances with faster upbeat songs to boost cardio endurance and heart health, creating an impactful balance. While most workouts feel like an ordeal, Sayanti’s Zumba® dance sessions are fun and refreshing and will make you look forward to it!

Training Experience

What are Sayanti's qualifications?

Sayanti is a certified Zumba instructor having completed the Basic Steps 1 course from the Zumba Institute which is internationally recognized. In addition, she has also completed her Yoga teacher training at the Bodhi School of Yoga and the Netaji Subhas Open University, making her a fitness expert with extensive knowledge in all fields.

What is Sayanti's style of teaching?

Sayanti’s style of teaching is to slowly build up a tempo resulting in an intense workout. She starts with a warm-up at the start and a cool-down at the end. The class content includes songs accompanied by song-specific choreography that primarily includes dance moves like Salsa, Hip Hop, Bollywood, etc but also includes fitness moves like jumping jacks and squats. She uses traditional Zumba fitness moves like lunges and squats to tighten all the muscles from head to toe. Her dance moves are simple and easy to follow, heavy on the hips, and step counts. She provides verbal cueing, telling the clients what to do and correcting them if they stray from the instructions. By curating a routine based on the client’s skills and abilities, Sayanti empowers and allows them to benefit from the session without having to endorse dominant ideals. She believes Zumba is all about letting yourself free and enjoying the dance, building a perfectly toned body while not being conscious about it. Join her sessions today and enjoy transforming yourself!

Is Sayanti available for group training?

Yes! Sayanti is available for group workout sessions at Zumba and Dance Studios across Bangalore. She is also available for corporate Zumba Sessions.


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