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Sandeep Goswami

Age: Thirties
Experience: 6 years
Specialization: Yoga, Functional

Sandeep is a highly-skilled and dedicated trainer who specializes in Yoga and Personal Training. With an experience of 6 years in personal fitness training and 3+ years in Yoga, he has mastered the skill of customizing workouts while training his clients. Throughout his sessions, he focuses on improving flexibility and mobility while targeting weight loss, muscle building and most importantly, the goals of his clients. Sandeep is a highly certified trainer with certifications from prestigious institutes such as The Yoga Institute and Gold’s Gym University. He is extremely motivated and puts forth his skills, passion and love for fitness while instructing his clients. He believes fitness can heal all ailments, be it physical or emotional. With his mindfulness and calm persona, Sandeep has successfully helped clients reach their goals.

Training Experience

What are Sandeep’s skills? 

Sandeep is highly skilled and dedicated with 6 years of experience in the field of Personal Fitness Training and 3 years in the field of Yoga. 

What is Sandeep’s teaching philosophy? 

With his practice and teaching, Sandeep aims at helping his clients achieve their goals through a high level of discipline, commitment, hard work, and creativity with a view to enhance their physical fitness and personal growth.

Is Sandeep available for Personal Training sessions? 

Yes, Sandeep is available for online as well as personal training sessions in and around western suburbs of Mumbai. 


Strength Training
Weight loss Workout

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