Functional Fitness Trainer Bangalore Pranav


Age: Thirties
Experience: 5+ years
Specialization: Functional, HIIT

Pranav is one of the best functional fitness coaches and fitness trainer in Bangalore and trains clients for weight loss, general fitness, HIIT and functional training all over Bangalore! If you are looking for a fun effective way to lose weight, build lean muscle mass, tone your body, get in shape and kickstart a healthy lifestyle then Pranav is the right fitness trainer for you. With hands-on coaching experience with the athletic population of Bangalore and managing sports injury and rehab for clients, Pranav’s sessions are perfect for people starting out on their fitness journey and / or anyone looking for some extra training to hit their fitness goals and targets. Pranav is also certified in Sports Nutrition and General Diet Counseling and will guide you through a diet plan to attain your fat loss and strength and conditioning targets. Having worked at BECUREFIT (CULT.FIT) as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and as a Personal Trainer at SNAP FITNESS 24x7, Koramangala (Bangalore), Pranav has a passion for helping all past client to achieve results and has dozens of positive testimonials to back up his claims as the best fitness trainer in Bangalore! Ask Pranav for some past references and he will not send you one or two but atleast 20 reviews from satisfied clients! And not just average results – but maximum results! And while his number one goal is to keep you motivated, your best motivation will be seeing the amazing results you get after just a short time of training under his tutelage. Pranav will help you achieve your ideal weight without yo-yo dieting or without resorting to fad fitness regimes. You will see excess pounds melt away with Flab replaced with firm and toned lean muscle mass. Book a trial session with Pranav and we promise you that you will look and feel amazing in addition to having more energy and stamina in your day to day life.

Training Experience

What are Pranav's qualifications?

Pranav is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Animal Flow Instructor (L1). He is also a Certified Kettlebell Sports Instructor (EKFA – Affiliated to WKSF) and has learned Olympic Weightlifting – (Henrik Olofson Academy – Bangkok, Thailand). He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and is currently pursuing CSCS. Pranav is also CPR Certified and is qualified in Sports Nutrition and General Diet Counseling.

What is Pranav's teaching experience?

Pranav has worked at BECUREFIT (CULT.FIT) and at FITTR as a Strength and Conditioning Coach Facilitating group sessions and coaching over 1000+ individuals. He has been a Personal Coach at SNAP FITNESS 24x7, Koramangala (Bangalore), and a Fitness Consultant at HealthifyMe.

What is Pranav's style of teaching?

Pranav’s sessions will be a mix of high-intensity work to burn calories and exercises to help tone muscles. He does not believe in the saying ‘one size fits all’ or a drill sergeant approach. He understands that everyone’s ability is different and he factors that into every session. He will share all the insider secrets the professionals use to stay in tip-top shape. He will teach you about reps, sets, weights, and cardio and most importantly he will teach you to exercise smarter- not harder. Pranav will do your fitness testing, body composition analysis, nutritional counseling, strength training, and metabolic workout and suggest behavior modification strategies. He will design a routine to get you the maximum results in the shortest possible time. Being a trained Nutritionist, Pranav will also give you a diet and nutrition plan that will help you lose fat, gain muscle, stay energised and sleep well. Pranav has received exceptional feedback from all his past and present clients who keep raving about his abilities to inspire, motivate and challenge. He instills a strong foundation that goes a long way in the strength and conditioning journey of an individual.

Is Pranav available for personal training at home?

Yes! Inspite of a busy and hectic schedule Pranav will find a way to come home and train you provided you are serious about your fitness goals and are willing to sign up for a 3 month training plan. Pranav is also available as an online fitness coach to clients situated outside of Bangalore and India.


Strength & Conditioning
Functional Training
Animal Flow
Kettle Bell Sport

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