Yoga Trainer South Mumbai Poonam Shinde

Poonam Shinde

Age: Twenties
Experience: 4 years
Specialization: Yoga

Poonam is one of our most popular and experienced instructors in South Mumbai training clients from Lower Parel, Worli, Colaba and Cuffe Parade. She is a skilled yoga expert and therapist who practices and imparts training to learners of all age groups. Poonam is an expert in Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Power Yoga and is an expert in "Sahaj Bhav Asana" that helps one to stretch all body parts for greater flexibility and injury-free yoga practice for life. Her asanas for body strengthening and detoxification by massaging the internal organs are quite popular amongst her students. To balance mind and body, Poonam helps her students master Pranayamas, Bandhas and Kriyas apart from various breathing techniques for nervous relaxation and body and mind purification. Every yoga practice ends with Meditation and Yoga Nidra for concentration and intense relaxation. Poonam is also available to all her students for health-related issues and for advice on healthy dietary habits.

Training Experience

What are Poonam's qualifications?

Poonam has multiple certifications in yoga. She is a QCI Level 2 Certified Trainer from the Ayush Ministry. Additionally she has also completed her 900 hrs. 3 months Advance Teachers Training course from The Yoga Institute Mumbai. She has also completed her Chakra healing through Yoga and self-introspection course apart from Basic Pranic healing course. On top of this she has finished the 200 hrs. 1-month Teachers Training course from Yoga Life International in Indore which is affiliated by The International Yoga Alliance and the International Yoga Federation.

What are her other qualifications?

  • Happiness Program of Art of living in 2016, Payyanur
  • 7 days Yoga program conducted by Dr Bendre on healing through Yoga in 2017, Indore
  • 10 days Patanjali Yoga Camp by Baba Ramdev in 2000, Ahmednagar
  • Attended 10 days residential experience in Naturopathy in 2017, Payyanur
  • 4 days Art of living program focusing on Sudarshan Kriya
  • What is Poonam's work experience?

  • Teaching Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga for 11 months in Indian Naval Academy, Indian Navy, Payyanur
  • Total 15 years’ experience in performing Asanas and Prayanama
  • Conducted Kids Yoga camp for Naval School Kids
  • Worked as a Art and Craft Teacher in Naval Children School for 3 months as a volunteer for the Indian Naval Academy
  • Worked with various IT firms as a software engineer for 5 years
  • Skills

    Hatha Yoga
    Ashtanga Yoga
    Power Yoga
    Pranic Healing

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