Nisha Prenatal Yoga Teacher Thane


Age: Twenties
Experience: 4+ years
Specialization: Yoga

Nisha is a driven and enthusiastic yoga instructor who trains our clients in Thane. Nisha specializes in prenatal yoga and postnatal yoga apart from teaching Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga to her regular clients. Yoga is a low-impact workout that's perfect for expectant mothers. Common pregnancy symptoms including back discomfort, exhaustion, and insomnia may be lessened by it. You can learn to breathe deeply and to relax intentionally with yoga and pranayamas, which will help you cope with the demands of labor and delivery. Pregnancy yoga poses assist pregnant women heal more quickly after giving birth while also reducing the effects of typical symptoms including morning sickness, excruciating leg cramps and swollen ankles. Apart from prenatal yoga, her Ashtanga-inspired Vinyasa Flow sessions are renowned for their joyful quality, as she encourages students to push themselves while having a great time! Nisha develops individualized exercise plans employing mantras and Sanskrit. Using compassion and her in-depth knowledge of pregnancy yoga, pranayama, and asanas, she aligns fitness strategies to meet the needs of her clients. Nisha assesses and modifies exercise regimens to ensure ongoing improvement in all her clients.

Training Experience

What are Nisha's qualifications?

Nisha has completed her Yoga teacher Training from Arogya Yogshala, New Delhi. She has also completed 85 hours of Pre and Post Natal Yoga from the RFM Academy.

What is Nisha's style of teaching?

In her classes, Nisha uses Vinyasa and Ashtanga. She employs a series of poses with varying degrees of benefit and difficulty. An essential component of the practice is the transitions between each posture. Among the sun salutations, she teaches the plank, chaturanga, upward-facing dog, and downward-dog poses. Throughout the session, this sequence is also employed to maintain body warmth and to improve strength. Students are expected to practise the asanas in the same order as they are arranged in. Her Prenatal Yoga focuses on poses created especially for the bodies of expectant mothers. Nisha starts with a short period of relaxation followed by a brief warmup. She then adds abdominal and pelvic floor toning exercises, followed by hip and chest opening positions, emphasising deep, diaphragmatic breathing throughout. Lastly, Nisha will walk you through a few stretches to help your muscles become even more relaxed and long. This ought to make you feel rejuvenated!

Is Nisha available for personal training at home?

Yes! Nisha is available for personal training at home in Thane. She is also available as an online yoga instructor to clients worldwide.


Ashtanga Yoga
Hatha Yoga
Prenatal Yoga

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