Nikita Yoga Teacher Andheri West Veera Desai


Age: Thirties
Experience: 8+ years
Specialization: Yoga

Nikita is one of the most experienced yoga instructors training our clients in the Lokhandwala and Veera Desai road area of Andheri West in Mumbai. Armed with a masters in yoga and science of living and certified in teaching Ashtanga primary series, Nikita is a spiritually-inclined and dedicated yoga instructor. Nikita takes private one-on-one sessions both offline and online and works with learners to improve their strength, flexibility, balance and mindfulness. She works with both beginners and advanced students of yoga and designs customized yoga sequences, integrated lesson plans and flow formats.  Nikita has also performed at the World yoga championship held in Chennai and is a past gold medalist for demonstrating perfect form and technique.

Training Experience

What are Nikita's qualifications?

Nikita has successfully passed the Masters course in Yoga & Science of Living by the Jain Vishwa Bharati Institute in Ladnun. Her subjects were Spirituality & Science, Science of Living in Self Management, Science of Living & Health and Applied Science of Living & Research Methodology. She is also certified in prenatal yoga from the Vinyasa Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh.

What is Nikita's teaching style and philosophy?

As a yoga instructor, Nikita believes in earning the trust of her students by first of all embracing the core values of yoga - listening attentively, speaking candidly and treating others respectfully. In her classes, she emphasizes on correct breathing techniques by making learners aware of the relationship between their bodies, their state of mind and breathing. She focuses on helping her students let go of all distractions and bring their minds and focus on their practice and to the present moment. By acting as a mentor, guide and teacher, Nikita creates an open and supportive atmosphere in her classes and seeks to develop trust by encouraging open two way communication.

Is Nikita available for personal training?

Yes Nikita is available for personal training at home in Veera Desai Road, Lokhandwala and other areas of Andheri West. She is also available to learners of yoga worldwide through the online medium.


Hatha Yoga
Ashtanga Yoga
Prenatal Yoga

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    2 Reviews

    1. by Divya Basrani December 17, 2022 6:57 am

      I started power yoga with Ms. Nikita 2 years back and lost 7-8 kgs within 2 months and later i stopped working out at all. She is so dedicated and excitingly welcomes you to begin a journey to healthy lifestyle & yoga. After being diagnosed with pcod, 2 years later now when i felt like i should reduce my weight and get a healthy lifestyle, i restarted my journey with her and i wouldn’t want to start it with anyone else. She is probably the best yoga trainer to me and i am grateful for all the help she provides.

      • by Nikita Bhambhani December 18, 2022 9:39 am

        Thank you so much Divya 💫

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