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Age: Thirties
Experience: 8 + years
Specialization: Yoga

Nidhi is an experienced yoga instructor who trains our clients in advanced yoga by applying her wide and deep knowledge of Yogic Philosophy, Pshychology, Meditation, Asanas and Sound Healing. Nidhi uses yoga to help her students realise the importance of maintaining a sound balance between body and mind and also to use yoga as a tool for relaxation and happiness. Nidhi is also into Sound Healing and through Sound Therapy that includes the Didgeridoo (an aboriginal wind instrument) helps people who are suffering from various psychosomatic and physical illnesses like downs syndrome, insomnia, joint pains, cognitive impairment etc. With the help of special frequencies, she makes learners understand how the origin of everything is sound and how everything dissolves back to it.

Training Experience

What are Nidhi's qualifications?

Nidhi has 300 hrs. of Hatha Yoga Teacher Training from SVYASA Univsersity, Bangalore. She is also currently pursuing her M.A. in yoga.

What is her work experience?

Nidhi has extensive global experience in teaching yoga. She has taught yoga and conducted yoga workshops for over 3 years in Europe and India. She has worked with all age groups including young adults, seniors and kids with special needs.

What are her other skills?

Nidhi is also an accomplished Sound Healer using Sound Therapy to treat pshychosomatic disorders as well as chronic lifestyle and cognitive illnesses. She also has experience teaching yoga to kids.

What is Nidhi's teaching style?

Nidhi teaches Hatha yoga focusing on mediation, breath balance, mudras, asanas, sound therapy and mantras. Her classes are all inclusive to all age groups and learners of all levels.

Is Nidhi available for personal training?

Yes. Depending on her travel schedule Nidhi is available to teach privately to serious learners in Mumbai and Bangalore.


Hatha Yoga
Sound Healing
Yoga Therapy
Yoga for Kids

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