Neha Yoga Instructor Lokhandwala Mumbai


Age: Thirties
Experience: 6+ years
Specialization: Yoga

Neha is a committed and highly qualified yoga coach and trains our clients in Lokhandwala and other areas of Andheri West. Neha creates comprehensive yoga, weight loss and general wellness plans for her clients and offers yogic nutrition guidance. Neha also helps clients who desire stress-reduction methods for daily life. She has led workshops and group discussions on subjects like yoga, nutrition, and pranic meditation. In the past, Neha has put together a team of fitness instructors, therapists, and nutritionists to provide a thorough approach to wellness in schools, personality development centers, and non-governmental organizations where she has arranged monthly wellness workshops. She is capable of instructing a wide range of yoga students, from absolute beginners to experts, with a focus on the inclusive and flexible Ashtanga vinyasa style. Neha helps clients with lifestyle difficulties and health issues like PCOD and PCOS. She is an expert in weight management. She also assists her clients in healing on various levels as well because she is a trained Reiki Expert. Reiki is a form of energy healing that helps you relax, feel less stressed and anxious, and improve the flow and balance of your energy to help heal.

Training Experience

What are Neha's qualifications?

Neha holds a Diploma in Yogic education from Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore. She has also completed the 200-hour teacher training program from Yoga Alliance, Cambodia. She also holds a Master Certification in energy healing in Reki (all levels).

What is Neha's teaching experience?

Neha has collaborated with a team of nutritionists, therapists, and fitness trainers to offer a comprehensive wellness approach. She has organized monthly wellness workshops in government schools, personality development institutions, and non-governmental organizations. She has taught diverse yoga classes, from beginners to advanced, especially the Ashtanga vinyasa style of yoga ensuring inclusivity and adaptability. She has conducted group sessions and workshops on topics like pranic meditation, yoga, and nutrition.

What is Neha's style of teaching?

Neha teaches yoga in the Ashtanga Vinyasa style. She also offers Yoga therapy. To assist you in de-stressing, treating underlying problems or symptoms, and promoting relaxation, she employs movement, mindfulness, meditation, breathing techniques, and relaxation techniques. In patients with many chronic pain problems, it improves flexibility and functional mobility while reducing pain and impairment. Neha incorporates Reiki into her sessions as well. Reiki-infused yoga combines any of the yoga's techniques, such as physical postures, meditation, or breathwork, with the energy healing method of Reiki. Both Yoga and Reiki are well known for their traditional medicinal uses. However, the advantages multiply dramatically when you mix the two modalities, which makes this hip new class the ideal dynamic pair for contemporary yogis. Nehha also provides dietary advice and teaches pranic meditation.

Is Neha available for personal training at home?

Yes! Neha is available for personal training in Lokhandwala and other areas of Andheri West. She is also available as an online yoga instructor to clients worldwide.


Ashtanga Yoga
Yoga Therapy
Pranic Meditation

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