Best Female Yoga Instructor Hiranandani Thane


Age: Twenties
Experience: 3+ years
Specialization: Yoga

Manasi is a highly competent and advanced yoga instructor who trains our clients in Hiranandani area of Thane. As a caring and competent yoga and mindfulness teacher, she has spent many years honing her mastery over yoga and has been delivering quality instruction to our clients both personally at home and in group sessions. Manasi herself has full mastery over some of the most difficult asanas in yoga and possesses in-depth knowledge of both the theoretical and practical aspects of yoga and has the ability to teach poses to learners effectively while inspiring her students to go beyond what they think is possible. Manasi also possesses expertise in yoga history and philosophy as well as bio-mechanical alignment techniques, breathing techniques, meditation and mindfulness-based stress reduction teaching methods.

Training Experience

What are Manasi's qualifications?

Manasi has completed the comprehensive and advanced 900 hours teacher training course in yoga from the Yoga Institute in Mumbai. Additionally she has also completed the 200 Hours Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Course from the acclaimed Mysore Yoga Shala.

What is Manasi's teaching style and philosophy?

Manasi has complete mastery over all yoga poses and is well versed in yoga instructional best practices and believes in differentiated instruction for learners because every ability and motivation varies from person to person. Manasi also believes in age-appropriate lesson planning for her many students, interdisciplinary teaching and performance assessments of students who have been learning for a long time.

Is Manasi available for personal training?

Yes. Manasi is available for teaching yoga to learners who stay in Hiranandani Thane and surrounding areas. She is also available for online yoga instruction to learners living anywhere in the world.


Ashtanga Yoga
Hatha Yoga
Vinyasa Flow
Corporate Wellness

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