Zumba Dance Teacher Mumbai


Age: Twenties
Experience:  4+ years
Specialization: Zumba

Manali is a passionate Zumba® Instructor from Mumbai who incorporates Latin, Bollywood, and international music and dance moves into her sessions. Having worked as a Zumba® fitness trainer at Forge Fitness Gym, Mumbai, her dance fitness routine is a dynamic, exciting, and effective system combining fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. Manali is trained in contemporary dance as well, having been awarded with a scholarship in the Danceworx Company by Ashley Lobo in Mumbai. Her steps are easy to follow and include body sculpting, which targets areas such as the gluteals, legs, arms, core abdominals, and the most important muscle – the heart! Having worked with senior Zumba Trainer Swetha Jairam, Manali has learned all the safety measures to be taken in a highly intensive fitness class. Her classes are designed for everyone. They are fun, easy, and effective! The high energy, motivating music, and unique moves will allow you to dance your worries away. This feel-happy workout improves self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-image.

Training Experience

What are Manali's qualifications?

Manali is a certified Zumba Instructor having completed the Basic Steps Level 1 training in Zumba.

What is Manali's training experience?

Manali has worked as a Zumba Fitness Trainer at Flying Squads Fitness Club, Mumbai as well as at Forge Fitness Gym, Mumbai instructing clients in cardio fitness and dance routines. She has also worked as a Zumba Instructor at Way of Life Studio by Swetha Jairam, motivating clients and developing original choreographed routines. Manali also has experience as a Dance Trainer as she has been part of several dance companies such as Karan’s Dance Institute and Atul Narang’s Dance Institute in Nashik.

What is Manali's style of teaching?

Manali designs an easy but impactful routine for each client. Her moves require high control of the midsection (abs and back). This has the potential to translate into a tighter, more defined torso. She uses aerobic and interval training methods. This varies depending on the client‘s fitness level, familiarity with routine, and intensity level. Manali is also trained to curate a well-balanced, sensible nutrition program that will increase the likelihood of weight loss. Taking up sessions with Manali will potentially reshape your body, including your upper, lower, midsection, and heart. Build up your confidence in the comfort and security of your own home. Manali’s high-energy choreographed routines include Latin moves, Hip Hop, and Bollywood. 'Dance like no one’s watching' rings true here. It’s great for the mind, body, and soul.

Is Manali available for personal training at home?

Yes! Manali is available for personal training as well as group training in gyms, studios and corporate events and workshops.


Hip Hop
Jazz Funk

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