Leena Pilates Trainer Bangalore


Age: Thirties
Experience: 10+ years
Specialization: Pilates, Fitness

Leena is an enthusiastic and qualified fitness and Pilates instructor with a focus on weight loss, weight training and nutrition and trains our clients in Bangalore.  Leena possesses clinical expertise in the use of specific, definable dietetic goals, and medications, and experience in the evaluation of both new and old fitness training regimes. Her specialties include menu analysis, developing nutritional care plans, weight loss, weight gain, nutritional difficulties, metabolic issues, and sports nutrition. Leena has certifications from Bangalore University in nutrition and dietetics as well as Slim and Fit International as a Fitness Coach. She has also served as the Nutrition and Dietetics Master Instructor for the Evidence Based Academy (EBFA). Leena has completed the Les Mills body pump instructor program as well as Pilates from Stott. She is also a licensed Zumba instructor and holds certifications in yoga from the Bodhi Institute. Leena has appeared in a Gatorade advertisement and participated in a panel discussion that was broadcast on public television. The Deccan Herald newspaper has also published a glowing piece on her. Leena uses a variety of fitness techniques, including Pilates, functional training, Zumba, and power yoga to help her clients lose weight and build lean muscle mass. Leena has worked as a dietitian at Well-being in Bangalore, where she gave participants dietary solutions and advice on healthy exercise regimens and lifestyle choices. She assists in putting into practice a tailored and ever-evolving fitness, yoga, and diet regimen that not only targets physical well-being in a multidimensional manner but also attempts to alleviate any injury or disease. Leena is probably the best personal trainer to assist you in reaching your fitness objectives in Bangalore city. Leena will plan workouts that are comfortable for your body, mind, and breath in the privacy of your home gym or society gym, enhancing security and privacy of your fitness workouts.

Training Experience

What are Leena's qualifications?

Leena has received certification as a Slim and Fit Coach from Slim and Fit International and in Nutrition and Dietetics from Bangalore University. She has also been a Master Instructor for Evidence Based Academy Nutrition and Dietetics for EBFA. Leena has completed Pilates from Stott and has completed the Les Mills body pump instructor course. She is also a certified Zumba Instructor and has received Yoga qualifications from the Bodhi Institute.

What is Leena's teaching experience?

Leena has been a Dietitian at Well-being – Bangalore where she imparted dietary consultations to participants and made suggestions on the right exercising methods and lifestyle patterns.

What is Leena's style of teaching?

Leena's method of instruction is straightforward, and practical with little space for ambiguity. She recommends workouts that almost always involve numerous muscles and the stability and strength of the core. In the world of functional fitness, Leena does not think it is beneficial to design a plan that isolates just one muscle group. A bicep curl, for instance, works only the bicep; nevertheless, she may mix it with a reverse lunge to work the entire body and assess your balance. In order to keep students engaged and on their toes, she also enjoys mixing things up. Leena also incorporates Pilates and Zumba into her workouts because she thinks they are more time-effective rather than concentrating on one muscle at a time, fitness, and weight loss. Your regimen will burn more calories if you include a few sessions of full-body exercise that are shorter and more intense. She combines Hatha and Vinyasa styles when teaching yoga. Additionally, Leena will provide tailored advice on nutritional and lifestyle choices. She will help you identify your eating habits and patterns, address any worries you may have about your dietary needs, and give you the knowledge and abilities you need to make the best eating choices in order to reach your fitness goals.

Is Leena available for personal training at home?

Yes! Leena is available for personal training for Pilates and Functional Training and Weight Training all over Bangalore! She is also available as an online fitness instructor.



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