Corporate Zumba Dance Teacher Mumbai


Age: Twenties
Experience : 3+ years
Specialization : Zumba

Kulsumbee is an enthusiastic and high-octane Zumba® instructor, with over 5 years of experience working and customizing dance fitness strategies for studios and corporate companies who want to conduct Zumba® workshops for their employees.  As a Zumba instructor, Kulsumbee thrives in high pressure and fast-paced dance workout sessions that demand spur-of-the-moment thinking and dance sequencing for high energy Zumba® sessions. Kulsumbee knows how to work a crowd and keep energy levels high and her dance fitness sessions are attended by dozens or even hundreds of participants!  Apart from her qualifications as well as vast knowledge of methods and techniques to be implemented in Zumba® classes. Kulsumbee also possesses in-depth knowledge of kinesiology, exercise science, and physical education. Kulsumbee is also familiar with exercise physiology and human anatomy which helps her turn her Zumba® classes into riotous and exhilarating fat burning sessions! Kulsumbee creates choreographed Zumba® dance routines, while providing genuine instruction to attendees on proper technique and form, building stamina and improving cardio. Her dance-inspired cardio workouts tone the body, and burn calories using high-energy music and uncomplicated movements, creating a judgment-free setting that is fun, while achieving weight loss and reaching fitness targets. Kulsumbee believes that Zumba® not only has fitness benefits but is also a path to blissfulness - a belief that is scientifically sound as exercises that increase the heart rate release endorphins, which naturally produce and enhance senses like joy and euphoria!

Training Experience

What are Kulsumbee’s qualifications?

Kulsumbee is a certified Zumba® instructor having completed her teaching course from ZIN which stands for Zumba Instructor Network and is qualified and certified to teach Zumba to private clients as well as group classes.

What is Kulsumbee’s teaching style?

Kulsumbee leads Zumba® and other dance classes and teaches diversified dance styles with exhilarating music in dance studios as well as corporate companies. She instructs participants on traditional Zumba® and its concepts and origin; combining a variety of styles and dances into each class, conducting fitness routines in Zumba®; instructing basic dance steps to the students and educating people about relieving stress and training students to the basic rhythm. The authenticity of her style, lies in the fact that she modifies her instructions to compensate for the clients varying abilities. Kulsumbee believes that Zumba® is a lifestyle change, where you lose yourself in the music and find yourself in shape!

Is Kulsumbee available for Zumba Workshops?

Yes! Kulsumbee is available for all sorts of Zumba and Dance Fitness Assignments ranging from Dance studios to Corporate Companies Who want to hire the best Zumba instructor for Group Dance Sessions.


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