Best Female Personal Trainer Andheri East Mumbai


Age - Twenties
Experience - 5+ years
Specialization - HIIT

Karyn is a personal fitness trainer who is dedicated and driven and trains our clients in the western suburbs of Mumbai. Mumbai is a city that never sleeps, and because of the fast-paced lifestyle we lead nowadays, it's common for people to take a relaxed approach to their own fitness and health. However health should be made a priority. By working with Karyn as a personal trainer in Mumbai, you can revitalize your general emotional and psychological well-being in addition to maintaining your physical health at its best. Karyn has a Diploma in Personal Fitness Training from K 11 School of Fitness Science in Mumbai. She also has a Special Population Diploma from the Exercise Science Academy. She has been a general fitness trainer at Rhinos Gym in Mumbai for four years. Additionally, Karyn holds a yellow belt in Taekwondo from the Ameer Elite Taekwondo Academy. Karyn provides top-notch personal training in Mumbai to her many clients thanks to her years of experience and proficiency in the field of personal fitness training. Karyn will design a customized exercise programme for you depending on your weight, body type, gender, health issues, and fitness objectives.

Training Experience

What are Karyn's qualifications?

Karyn holds a Diploma in Personal Fitness Training from K 11 School fitness Science in Mumbai as well as a Special Population Diploma in Personal Fitness from Exercise Science Academy. Karyn is also a certified Taekwondo Yellow Belt – Ameer Elite Taekwondo Academy.

What is Karyn's style of teaching?

Karyn provides you with a comprehensive range of health and fitness services, including power yoga, kickboxing, weight training, diet and nutrition counselling, and more. Karyn concentrates on rest and recuperation, muscular endurance, and cardiovascular endurance. Her personal fitness training programme is tailored to your specific needs and capabilities in every way. She will provide you with a personalised fitness plan that will help you conquer any obstacles, regardless of your age, profession, health issues, or physical limits. Karyn offers expert guidance on optimising your potential to help you achieve the level of physical fitness you want. She aims to make you stronger and healthier with each exercise programme. Every plan is designed to push you to perform better and encourage you to build a fit body the proper way. In addition, Karyn also offers a customised personal fitness programme that emphasises nutrition and food, guaranteeing a complete health boost.

Is Karyn available for personal training at home?

Yes! Karyn is available for personal training at home in the western suburbs of Mumbai. She is also available as an online personal fitness trainer.


Strength Training
Muscle Gain
Weight Loss

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