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Age: Twenties
Experience: 4+ years
Specialization: Functional, HIIT

Kartik is a self-driven fitness practitioner and personal trainer with a significant background as a professional athlete and trains our clients for bodybuilding, functional and weight loss in Andheri West and Bandra. He has competed in power lifting contests at the municipal, district, and state levels. He is knowledgeable with both S&C science and training for power-based sports. Karthik is a licensed fitness professional who provides devoted one-on-one training and is wholly dedicated to assisting you in reaching your fitness objectives. Karthik will arm you with all the tools you need to shed pounds, increase your athletic performance, or tone up your muscles through his individualized nutrition plans and tailored muscle-gaining and HIIT workouts. Having worked as a Senior Fitness Trainer at Andheri's famous 48 Fitness gym in the past, he will develop a workout regimen tailored to your body, your objectives, and your requirements. Karthik is an expert in supplementation, nutrition, and training for correcting postural abnormalities in addition to muscle gain. Karthik will carefully and precisely target your specific demands, regardless of whether you have an irregular schedule and struggle to find time for regular fitness sessions or you're concerned about resuming your exercise routine. Transform your body with individualized exercises that are overseen by a trainer, and gain access to personalized nutrition plans to maximize your results.

Training Experience

What are Karthik's qualifications?

Karthik has completed a 9 month-certification course via the K11 Academy of Fitness. He is also a certified strength coach from SPORJO and a qualified powerlifting athlete (from Powerlifting India) His achievements include 2022- District level, Senior category, Powerlifting India. In 2021 he won the Open Deadlift championship (Gold medal). In 2018-2019 - State level, junior category, Powerlifting India, (bronze medal) as well as 2018-2019- District level, Junior category (silver medal). He also won the 2017- Mumbai University competition (5th place) and the 2016- Local competition, Kalyan, (silver medal).

What is Karthik's teaching experience?

Karthik has worked with clients across various domains including pediatric, sport, weight loss, powerlifting, mobility, and aesthetic transformation. He has worked with professional models including the Mr. India & Mr. World candidate, with a focus on muscle hypertrophy. He has worked as a Strength & Conditioning Coach at 48 Fitness.

What is Karthik's style of teaching?

Karthik often uses a fast-paced, shorter routine with a series of fixed exercises that is interval-style taught. In his classes, you normally perform one exercise for 30 seconds to a minute, pausing for a moment after completing one entire circuit. He adds HIIT training to his exercises. Karthik recommends a workout regimen that mixes brief bursts of intensive activity with "recovery" intervals that are still active. The objective is to achieve a sustained target heart rate during activity, which will enable you to burn fat quickly. Given his extensive knowledge, bodybuilding is his forte. He can expertly lead any client through a total transformation by fusing lifting, cardiovascular exercise, diet, and smart supplementation. Every student in Karthik's classes receives the necessary challenge for his or her particular level and aptitude. His lessons are perfect for anyone searching for a high-intensity, calorie-burning workout that also incorporates muscle building.

Is Karthik available for personal training at home?

Yes! Karthik is available for personal training of clients mainly in the western suburbs of Mumbai such as Andheri West and Bandra. He is also available as an online fitness trainer to clients worldwide.


Muscle Gain
Weight Loss
Nutrition & supplementation
Weight training

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