Female Yoga Teacher at Home Prabhadevi


Age: Twenties
Experience: 5+ years
Specialization: Yoga

Kajal is one of our most qualified and experienced yoga  instructor training our clients in Prabhadevi and surrounding areas of South Mumbai. Kajal is a passionate Hatha Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher who was born and raised in the yoga capital of the world - Rishikesh! As such she has spent a great deal of her formative years learning under the great yoga gurus in Rishikesh and has served time learning and teaching in many institutions in Rishikesh. As a young and experienced yoga instructor conducting personal training and group yoga classes, Kajal has long developed the ability to connect with learners and help learners of all age groups and abilities feel comfortable. Armed with lots of positive energy, focused, calm, centered and enthusiastic Kajal leads by example and inspires her clients to become the best version of themselves!

Training Experience

What are Kajal's qualifications?

Kajal has completed the one year diploma in yoga from the P.S.K.S. Haridwar Sanskrit University in Haridwar in 2017. She has also successfully completed her M.A in Yoga having passed out in 2019 from the Uttarakhand Sanskrti University.

What is Kajal's work experience?

Three years working experience in international Yoga & Meditation society Two Months Experience in Swami Vivekanand Yoga School, Luxman Jhula Rishikesh as inhouse yoga Instructor Three Months Experience in Wahoe Yoga & Meditation - a well known Yoga school in Luxman Jhula, Rishikesh as inhouse yoga instructor Two Years Experience in Spiritual School Of Yoga, Rishikesh as inhouse yoga instructor

What is Kajal's style of teaching yoga?

Kajal clearly believes in explaining the medical benefits of every yoga pose so that learners can appreciate the positive life-enhancing aspects of yoga. She helps demonstrate every pose thereby illustrating to her clients in a simple manner the methods of getting into and out of yogasanas. Kajal also ensures that all learners of yoga are encouraged to incorporate sustainable habits, have proper nutrition and being consistent with their yoga practice. She also pays particular attention to every student's form so as to ensure safety throughout every session be it private or group practice.

Is Kajal available for personal training?

Yes! Kajal is available for at-home personal training in Prabhadevi area of South Mumbai and also other areas of Mumbai. Additionally she is available for online training to learners worldwide.


Hatha Yoga
Ashtanga Yoga
Vinyasa Flow
Yin Yoga
Hot Yoga

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