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Age: Twenties
Experience: 5+ years
Specialization: Zumba

Jasmine is a result-oriented certified Zumba® instructor from Mumbai who excels at choreographing new dance routines, leading high intensity workouts and motivating fitness enthusiasts. Having conducted Dance and Fitness Routine for Marathon Runners at Tycoons Rotary Marathon, Jasmine uses Zumba® to target lots of different muscle groups at once, for total body toning through which participants reap aerobic as well as anaerobic benefits. Having been invited as judge of the dance competition at the prestigious ICAI Kalyan-Dombivli Branch on Women’s Day in the past, Jasmine is skilled at creating innovative, effective workouts that can be easily modified to meet individual needs or limitations. Trained in CPR and AED, she uses a combination of weight training and vigorous cardiovascular activities while monitoring each client closely to ensure that the moves are correctly followed to avoid injury. Additionally, Jasmine innovates her Zumba® routines regularly by introducing new music and engaging dance routines for her clients, applying her hands-on group class experience as she has worked as a group Zumba® dance instructor at many dance studios and outdoor events across Mumbai.

Training Experience

What are Jasmine's qualifications?

Jasmine is a licensed Zumba Instructor having received her certification in B1 and B2 levels from the Zumba Institute. She is also qualified as a Pro Skill Instructor from Zumba Rhythms. Additionally, Jasmine is also a certified BLS Provider having completed her CPR and AED Program from Mumbai.

What is Jasmine's style of teaching?

Jasmine leads classes with integrated western and folk-dance routines with proper synchronization. She instils enthusiasm and a love for fitness in clients of all ages, through personalized attention for every skill level. Jasmine teaches diversified dance styles with exhilarating music in the absolute comfort of the client’s home. Her engaging fitness workouts are high energy but low impact ensuring safety of the client. Regular attendance of her Zumba sessions will build your stamina and achieve desired weight loss goals while having a dance party! Jasmine believes that Zumba is a great dance - cardio option that’s an immersive experience for participants and is not only effective, but allows you to express yourself while getting in shape.

Is Jasmine available group classes?

Yes! Jasmine is available as a freelance Zumba® and Dance Fitness group instructor at Dance studios as well as corporate Zumba sessions.


Hip Hop
Folk Dance

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