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Age: Twenties
Experience: 2+ years
Specialization: Zumba

Gayatri is a certified Zumba coach and fitness junkie who believes in a healthy and active lifestyle and trains her clients in studios and corporate companies across Bangalore. Gayatri loves helping people to reach their body weight and fitness goals and help them be the best they can be. Gayatri believes that dancing to high-energy music while exercising increases a positive mood and helps metabolism. When conducting Zumba classes, discipline, engagement and time management are her main focus. Gayatri customize the sets for Zumba and reps according to the capabilities and body types of participants, interpreting them according to the needs of each class in real time. She uses Latin rhythms such as merengue and salsa as a framework and also incorporates the latest Bollywood songs too to make it a fun session for one and all! Gayatri helps you to use your body as a tool to express how you feel and is brilliant with motivation and correcting form. If you love dancing, have an upbeat attitude, and want to get in shape then you’re in the right place! To get your heart racing, lose weight and have fun at the same time, Gayatri is the right Zumba trainer for you!

Training Experience

What are Gayatri's qualifications?

Gayatri has received her Level 1 ZIN certification and holds a professional Zumba Instructor License.

What is Gayatri's style of teaching?

Gayatri starts with beginner-accessible choreography and will make you perform low and high-intensity interval workouts, which can help improve your cardiovascular fitness and coordination, as well as build muscular endurance. She combines the elements of Salsa, merengue, samba, hip-hop, and Bollywood with other aerobic exercises. She sets the foundation for leading a safe and effective session by coaching the client on a basic understanding of exercise science and general fitness. Music is the driving force of her class and she uses upbeat and trending numbers and creates choreography that is easy to memorize. Gayatri creates simple yet challenging dance fitness choreography for your favorite songs. She ensures that she maximizes calorie burn while making you have fun and achieve your fitness targets. Start your journey with Gayatri today, and thank yourself tomorrow.

Is Gayatri available for conducting group Zumba Sessions?

Yes! Gayatri is available for conducting group Zumba sessions for groups of participants at dance studios and corporate seminars and conferences across Bangalore.


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