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Age: Twenties
Experience: 6+ years
Specialization: Fitness

Chinmay is a highly experienced fitness trainer and sports nutritionist training our clients in Lower Parel and other areas of South Mumbai. Chinmay utilizes his immense training certification background and exceptional client relation skills in a personalized exclusive training format and helps our clients meet all their fitness goals whether its bodybuilding, fat loss, muscle gain, body toning or improved strength and flexibility. A passionate fitness instructor with considerable weight management expertise, and an ability to motivate students towards accomplishing weight loss goals, Chinmay designs personal training classes that matches the skill and learning levels of all participants. Chinmay is also certified and highly proficient in nutrition and body assessments. Conducting training programs for innumerable clients in Mumbai as a Fitness and Nutrition Coach, Chinmay strongly believes that optimum health is a conscious lifestyle choice, necessary for longevity and happiness. For his personal training clients, Chinmay prepares comprehensive diet plans and tracks each clients progress, while ensuring safety on all health fronts. Having worked with national level athletes and conducted numerous nutrition counselling sessions Chinmay is an apt choice for a personal trainer if you live in South Mumbai!

Training Experience

What are Chinmay’s qualifications?

Chinmay is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach certified from the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA-Level 1). He is also certified as a Personal Trainer as well as a Certified Sports Nutritionist from the K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences. He is also certified in First aid and CPR and is a Certified Body Building Contest Prep Coach from the Boss International Certification Program. Chinmay is currently pursuing the NSCA approved Strength and Conditioning Course from NSCA – GC India.

What is Chinmay’s style of teaching?

Chinmay improves the fitness of clients, through safe and effective design, implementation and monitoring of training programs. He provides a fundamental level of understanding nutrition and effectively incorporating a comprehensive diet plan to ensure exceptional results to clients. Competently designs specific workouts for individual clients based on personal abilities. Chinmay trains clients on a variety of strength training, cardio vascular exercises and stretching techniques. He develops and implements all fitness and nutrition programs for clients, while working on a one-on-one basis to help maximize each individual’s results. Chinmay hopes to inspire clients to achieve their health and fitness goals, while providing them with the necessary knowledge and tools to maintain their goals for a lifetime.

Is Chinmay available for personal training at home?

Yes! Chinmay is available for one-on-one personal training at home across Lower Parel and other areas of South Mumbai. He is also available online as an online fitness coach to learners worldwide through the online medium.


Body Building
Strength & Conditioning
Fat Loss
Muscle Gain

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