Female Yoga Teacher Sushant Lok Gurgaon


Age: Thirties
Experience: 8+ years
Specialization: Yoga

Bhagya is a highly committed Yoga instructor who exudes genuineness and compassion and has over a decade of teaching experience in the field of Yoga! She trains our clients in Sushant Lok and other areas of Gurgaon. Bhagya is an expert in twenty-five different types of Yoga. With three years as a celebrity yoga instructor in Malaika Arora's Diva yoga and Sarva yoga, Bhagya is adept in offering her students the tools they need to develop a healthy mindset and a lasting devotion to Yoga. Her classes cover a wide range of yoga traditions, including but not limited to Satyanand Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, Tibetan rituals, Chandra namaskara, Pragya Yoga, and Aatmananda Yoga. She challenges the learner's mind and body with a series of Yoga asanas with the goal of improving the client's mental, emotional, and physical well-being through introspection, breath control, and meditation. The National Women's Championship in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, and the 2006 Inter Center Yoga Championship are only two of the many trophies and medals she has won for her yoga practice! In 2012, she took home a bronze medal from the North Zone Yoga Championship in Bhiwani, Haryana, and in November of 2013, she took home gold from the 38th National Yoga Championship in Ranchi. As a professional yoga instructor her training regimens never become stale, and her clients keep learning new things from her as a result of her diverse and  vast experience. Bhagya accommodates students of all skill levels by providing options and adjusting their routine accordingly.

Training Experience

What are Bhagya's qualifications?

Bhagya has completed the one-year P.G diploma in Yoga from the renowned Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute, Lonavala. She also has an MA in yoga from UOU (Uttarakhand Open University). She has also completed the 3 months Diploma in Yoga from the Haryana state council for child welfare.

What is Bhagya's teaching experience?

Bhagya has worked as a celebrity Yoga instructor in Diva Yoga and Sarva Yoga for 3 years. She also has experience of working as a therapeutic instructor for PCOD at Karmaspark for 1 year. She has led Yoga sessions as a Yoga instructor at Google for 1 year, in Hyderabad, and at Zorba a well known yoga studio for 1 year.

What is Bhagya's style of teaching?

Bhagya's approach to teaching is straightforward, leaving little possibility for misunderstanding. She emphasizes core strength and stability and teaches Yoga that involves the full body. When it comes to functional fitness, Bhagya does not advocate for developing a routine that targets a single muscle group. In her classes, students can learn Pragya Yoga, Aatmananda Yoga, and Quantum Yoga. She varies her teaching methods frequently to keep her students guessing and focused on the here and now. In addition to using props like a basketball, dumbbells, a rope, and a stick, she also teaches Wall Yoga, Satyanand Yoga, and Sivananda Yoga. Increasing the number of calories burned by doing a few shorter, more intense sessions of full-body exercise is simple. She combines Hatha and Vinyasa in her yoga classes by having students repeat the same sequence twice: once while maintaining each pose without transitions, and once while flowing from one pose to the next with each breath. Bhagya's innovative sequencing and willingness to incorporate many, concurrently-trending approaches make her classes highly sought after.

Is Bhagya available for personal training at home?

Yes! Bhagya is available for personal training in Sushant Lok area of Gurgaon. She is also available for online training for learners worldwide.


Bikram Yoga
Satyanand Yoga
Ashtanga Yoga
Hatha Yoga
Aatmananda Yoga

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