Best Yoga Instructor at Home HSR Layout Bangalore


Age: Twenties
Experience: 5+ years
Specialization: Yoga

Apoorva is one of the finest yoga trainers in Bangalore and trains our clients in the HSR layout area of Bangalore. Apoorva is highly experienced in yoga as well as diet and nutrition and has been teaching yoga for over five years and is a P. G. Diploma holder in Ashtanga Yoga (PGDAV) and also a gold winner at yoga championships and yoga competitions held nationally. As a personal yoga trainer in Bangalore, Apoorva is a highly inspiring and engaging Yoga instructor who focuses on teaching beginners and intermediate level students. She has a knack for motivating and encouraging learners through her distinct teaching and guidance skills. Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Power Yoga are just some of the styles in which Apoorva is well-versed in. She incorporates her vast experience integrating yoga, nutrition and fitness and customizes her lessons according to the experience and ability of her students. Apoorva is an RPL-certified Level 5 Yoga teacher from the Vivekananda Yoga Institute and has experience teaching at studios such as Sky Fitness and Intense Fitness in Mysuru. Apoorva places a premium on developing honest and long lasting connections with her clientele and stands out as a highly qualified and well known yoga expert in Bangalore. Apoorva has a strong passion for yoga and fitness which she hopes to share with others through cutting-edge instruction and counseling as well as making Nutrition and diet Charts that are also beneficial for weight loss and lifestyle goals.

Training Experience

What are Apoorva's qualifications?

Apoorva has completed a Certified Rehab Instructor course with Dr. Yash Pandey (Indian Davis Cup Team Physiotherapist). She has completed Arun Bhattacharya's Basic Nutrition Course (celebrity Coach). She also has a gold medal from Mysore Vivekananda Yoga Education & Research Institution's PG Diploma in Ashtanga Yoga.

What is Apoorva's style of teaching?

Apoorva's style is motivational and interesting because she recognizes Yoga philosophy as a structured approach to introspection and personal transformation. Her teaching style incorporates a variety of Yoga postures, including those that build stronger limbs, help you recover from a run more quickly, and tone your abs. Apoorva, who has a background in nutrition, can offer advice on how to improve your diet and make other living adjustments. Apoorva creates individualized exercise plans for her clients that focus on helping them manage stress and achieve a state of calm at the same time. Apoorva, who has studied both nutrition and fitness, emphasizes the importance of body awareness and the mind's influence on physical activity in her classes. She collaborates with the client to determine the optimal diet plan and then helps that individual put those principles into practice in his or her own life.

Is Apoorva available for personal training at home?

Yes! Apoorva is available for one on one personal training in HSR Layout suburb of Bangalore. She is also available to learn online for learners situated in other parts of India and the world.


Ashtanga Yoga
Hatha Yoga

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