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Age: Thirties
Experience: 4+ years
Specialization: Yoga, Reiki

Rohini is a Yoga Instructor and Yoga Curriculum Designer based in Pune. She is a certified RYT® 200-hour Hatha Yoga Instructor from the a1000Yoga Academy in Bangalore and has completed a Children's Yoga Teacher Training course (95 hours) at Zenergy Yoga in Australia. Apart from teaching adults, Rohini also instructs therapeutic Yoga postures for kids suffering from the common cold, cough, allergies, asthma, gastrointestinal problems, diabetes, tension, anxiety, and an inability to focus or concentrate. She is familiar with and teaches Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, and different Yoga traditions (such as Sivananda and Ashtanga Vinyasa) to both her adult and kids clientele. In addition she is also qualified to teach Chakra meditation and has finished her First Degree at Yes2Life! Energy Healing Center in Pune in Reiki. Rohini has also taught parents of autistic children during a Yoga session for "emotion management" hosted by the Deepshikha Institute for Child Development & Mental Health in Ranchi. Rohini has also conducted a live Yoga session with WICCI Karnataka Childcare Council to help children beat exam stress. Rohini is available as a personal yoga instructor for adults and kids in Pune whereby she will help her clients improve their health by leaps and bounds and relieve tension and anxiety through the therapeutic practices of Yoga and Pranayama.

Training Experience

What are Rohini's qualifications?

Rohini has completed the Children’s Yoga Teacher Training course (95 hours), at Zenergy Yoga, Australia. She has also completed RYT® 200 hours as a Hatha Yoga Instructor, at a1000Yoga Academy, Bangalore. She has also learned First Degree Reiki Healing from Yes2Life! Energy Healing, Pune.

What is Rohini's teaching experience?

Rohini has worked as a Children’s Yoga Instructor at Kids Yogalaya and as a Kid’s Yoga Program Manager at Crejo.Fun. She has also conducted a Yoga workshop for Kids in Vatika, Sikar, and Rajasthan and Conducted a Yoga session for "emotion management" organized by Deepshikha Institute for Child Development & Mental Health, Ranchi for parents of children on the autism spectrum. Rohini has conducted a live Yoga session with WICCI Karnataka Childcare Council to help children beat exam stress.

What is Rohini's style of teaching?

Classical yoga is the foundation of the Rohini Kid’s Training Program. She has experience teaching and developing yoga programs for children. Rohini enhances the immunity of children, through corrective Yoga asanas and breathing practices. The child's overall growth is prioritized, including their bodily, mental, emotional, and intellectual growth. Her sessions are not just engaging but fun, but also inspiring and educational by incorporating music. It employs a variety of yoga breathing techniques to bring about balance and harmony. She fixes problems at the grass-root level and enhances the immunity of children, through corrective Yoga asanas and breathing practices. In addition to Yoga, Rohini incorporates the use of Reiki into her lessons. Reiki-infused yoga incorporates the Japanese energy healing method of Reiki into any form of yoga practice, be it asana (postures), meditation, or pranayama (breathwork). Rohini leads the client through targeted movements designed to address the client's individual health concerns while also enhancing the functioning of the body as a whole. When it comes to Yoga, Rohini’s sessions are a must if you want to discover inner peace and total wellness.

Is Rohini available for personal training at home?

Yes! Rohini is available for personal one on one training sessions at home for adults and kids. She is also available to learn from online for clients situated worldwide.


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