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Anita Yoga Teacher South Mumbai


Anita is a dedicated and thoroughly consummate yoga teacher and practitioner. Anita teaches yoga to Wellintra’s clients in South Mumbai from Mahalaxmi and Lower Parel to Colaba and Cuffe Parade. Yoga means the world to Anita. According to her, regular practice of yoga can help you become strong and flexible, calm a hyperactive mind and enable you to clearly see what is the most important thing in your life. Moreover, since it can still your mind and bring you to reside in the present moment, Yoga can make people realise that true happiness cannot be found on the outside but inside. At Wellintra we thoroughly endorse that belief since our very name means Well (Wellness) + Intra (Within)! For committed young yoga teachers like Anita and for so many others, years of searching for the true meaning of life and searching everywhere for happiness has lead them back to themselves, their practise and the journey of yoga!

Anita mainly teaches traditional yoga in her personal as well as group classes and teaches Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga styles. In her classes, she shares with her students the tools and the means to not only become better in the practise of yoga but also the tools that lead to a happier and more fulfilled existence. Anita’s yoga classes are highly accessible and all-inclusive whether you be male or female, young or old, a complete beginner or experienced, fit or unfit. Whatever stage of the journey that you might be in, as a yoga instructor, she will instantly make you feel at ease and make you access the joy of Yoga right from the very first class. In her own words, “My aim as a yoga teacher is to prove to everybody that Yoga is for everyone. Anyone can do yoga as long as you have a body and you are able to breathe! These two things are all you need to start doing Yoga. Yoga is not about how flexible you can be nor is it about twisting yourself into a knot. Yoga is about feeling and exploring and going beyond the limits of your body, developing a higher degree of awareness and staying in the present moment.”


  • 200 hrs. TTC from Kaivalyadham
  • Masters in Business Administration


Hatha Yoga
Ashtanga Yoga
Therapeutic Yoga
Restorative Yoga
Yogic Cleansing Techniques

To Book Anita for a private or group yoga session, call on +91 98 20 607 875 or use the form below:

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