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Age: Thirties
Experience: 10 + years
Specialization: Ashtanga Yoga

Dhiral is a young yoga trainer who is an electronics engineer by qualification and a fitness enthusiast by heart. Though residing in the suburbs, he trains our clients in South Mumbai. Besides yoga, Dhiral is also a part of the Nike Run Club and has trained with experts for long distance running and marathons. Posessing a free spirit and a yen for adventure, Dhiral’s love for sports, trekking and hiking has also helped him to complete a one-month mountaineering course in Kashmir. Having worked in various corporate companies in management roles for a few years made him realise the intense pressures, pulls and stresses of modern life which are a recipe for lifestyle ailments and diseases. As a yoga instructor, Dhiral teaches the Sivananda style of yoga.
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What are Dhiral's qualifications?

Dhiral has completed his teacher training course at the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center. Not content with a teacher training course, he deepened his meditation practice with the Vipassana meditation course at Dhamma Arunachala at Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu.

What is Dhiral's training style?

As a yoga instructor, Dhiral teaches the Sivananda style of yoga. In every class be it a private or a group class, Dhiral’s attempt is to take the student’s yoga practice to a deeper and more meaningful level and teach everyone about the life changing benefits of classical yoga.

What is Dhiral's training philosophy?

As a teacher, he believes in helping every client strengthen their own yoga practice through introspection, self-discipline and awareness of the nature of mind, body and spirit. Dhiral’s style of yoga is to teach by instinct and with utmost confidence. In his own words, “Regular yoga practice gives you the realization that everything that we require is already within us. Yoga helps us to access the gifts and beauty that is already within."

Is Dhiral available for personal training?

Yes. Dhiral is available for personal training to clients in South Mumbai.


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