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Wellintra is Mumbai’s No. 1 fitness consultancy

We are committed to working with you to gain the results you want. Whether your aim is to lose weight, tone up, build bulk or gain weight we can put together a yoga, gym or other fitness programs for you and also recommend the right personal trainer to help you achieve your goals.

Our members benefit from choosing from a wide pool of your city’s best personal trainers, reviews every month and discounts on our personal training sessions. We save you the hassle of finding the right trainer as we are aware that zeroing on the right person is a trying exercise! We separate the wheat from the chaff and assist you in promptly replacing your trainer or fitness program whenever you feel that you need a change. As a Wellintra member you always have priority for booking any of the pre-book activities, classes or sessions that we run.

We are Humans Not an Algorithm!

We are your partners in health. Unlike other fitness agencies out there like UrbanPro or Sulekha who do not employ, recommend or endorse any Tutor, Teacher or Institute listed on their website, we on the other hand fully recommend and endorse all trainers listed with us! We are not a directory listing for trainers or some silly online tool to connect with anonymous health trainers. We individually meet, interview and conduct background checks and gather testimonials for each and every trainer that we recommend so that your peace of mind in terms of quality of training and security is guaranteed. We are passionate human beings who value other human beings and their needs, passions, concerns and commitments.

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