Shambhavi Yoga Trainer in Noida


Age: Twenties
Experience: 5+ years
Specialization: Yoga

Shambhavi is a committed yoga teacher with experience in both Bikram Hot yoga and Power yoga with added expertise in Panchkarma and trains our clients in Noida. Shambhavi promises you that your heart rate will rise and stay elevated during a power yoga session under her guidance! In her personal training sessions, Shambhavi helps her clients to increase their heart rate, which improves the efficiency with which the body delivers blood and oxygen to the muscles and organs and improves and enhances general health, stamina, and fitness. Shambhavi's customized hot yoga sessions also increase calorie burn throughout the entire session thus quickening the rate of fat burning and digestion. Her clients swear by Shambhavi's hot yoga sessions since it speeds up the process of long-term weight loss for clients who want to lose weight. Shambhavi has worked for Kaya Bandhu Ayurvedic and Panchkarma Hospital for two years as a yoga instructor. She has also had a yoga instructor stint at Kendriya Vidyalaya. As a Fitness and Yoga Trainer, Shambavi has led a number of classes at Matrix, Body Power, and O2 Gym. Shambhavi also ensures that Panchkarma is incorporated into her sessions as well. Panchakarma is a treatment program that revitalizes and purifies the body, mind, and consciousness. According to Ayurvedic theory, each individual is a singular entity that manifests itself through the five fundamental elements of ether, air, fire, water, and earth. Gift yourself a complete detox and rejuvenation program by enrolling for private yoga sessions in Noida with Shambhavi today!

Training Experience

What are Shambhavi's qualifications?

Shambhavi is a Registered Yoga Teacher from (Yoga Alliance USA Certificate) and has completed her Master of Arts in Yoga from the Rajarshi Tandon Open University. She also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga from the same University. Shambhavi is a National Bronze medalist.

What is Shambhavi's teaching experience?

Shambhavi has Worked for 2 years as a Yoga Instructor with Kaya Bandhu Ayurvedic and Panchkarma Hospital. She has also worked in Kendriya Vidyalaya as Yoga Instructor. Shambavi has conducted several classes at Matrix, Body Power, and O2 Gym as a Fitness Yoga Trainer.

What is Shambhavi's style of teaching?

Power yoga is a component of Shambhavi's teaching method in her classes. Power yoga is a brisk and demanding exercise. Rapidly switching between postures allows you to coordinate your breathing with your body's various movements. Many of the Ashtanga yoga poses are also used in power or vinyasa yoga, though not usually in the same sequence. On the other side, Shambhavi’s set sequences help you burn calories by giving you a cardio exercise. She also incorporates Panchkarma, which helps you rid your body and mind of poisons and harmful situations and restore the equilibrium of your constitution, enhancing health and fitness. Hot yoga sessions taught by Shambhavi typically feature more difficult poses and moves. Because the heat facilitates stretching beyond the boundaries of your body at room temperature, hot yoga can promote muscle flexibility more than other styles of yoga. Your metabolism can be boosted by hot yoga to aid with weight loss.

Is Shambhavi available for personal training at home?

Yes! Shambhavi is available as a personal yoga instructor for private one on one yoga sessions to clients living in Noida. She is also available as an online yoga instructor.


Ashtanga Yoga
Power Yoga
Panchkarma Therapy
Hatha Yoga
Bikram Yoga

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