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Bhavika is a young but advanced yoga trainer with advanced training in yoga specialising in Ashtanga Yoga from the acclaimed Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Yoga Institute. Bhavika trains our clients in the Andheri East and Powai areas. Bhavika is energetic and outgoing and has a collaborative spirit. She enjoys teaching yoga and inspiring others to improve their wellness and commit to long-term health and fitness. As an adaptable teaching professional, Bhavika believes that a yoga teacher must be flexible, intuitive and must be a team player. She is highly understanding of the limitations of learners of different levels and age groups and customizes programs to the needs of every individual and works well with students of all experience levels.

Bhavika ensures that students in all her private yoga classes learn correct postures but at the same time ensures an environment of openness and maximum benefit and safety. She provides guided meditation at the start and culmination of every session so that her students can center themselves and derive the maximum benefit out of every session. Bhavika works with students of all body types as well as fitness levels and develops customized programs and positional adjustments that over a period of time increases skills, fitness levels and well being. Moreover as a conscientious yoga instructor who deeply cares about the personal growth of every learner, Bhavika keeps her students guessing with no two classes being the same thereby increasing participation and engagement and increasing student retention.


200 hour Ashtanga Yoga Teacher training from Ashtanga Yoga Mysore


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