Yoga Instructor for Retreats Rishikesh

Kuldeep Kumar

Age: Twenties
Experience: 5+ years
Specialization: Yoga

Kuldeep is a passionate Yoga Instructor from Rishikesh having the exceptional ability and experience of teaching Yoga to people in different parts of the world! Kuldeep creates a calm peaceful environment in his sessions and designs sequences to strengthen the muscles, improve circulation, aid digestion, exercise the spine, and increase the overall comfort of the students. Kuldeep has experience in training students in Guangzhou, China as well as Nanjing, China. Through his comprehensive global professional experience and training, he offers the skills, knowledge, and experience that clients require through the holistic healing journey of Traditional and Restorative Yoga. Having led classes at Om Santi Yoga Maha Vidhalaya in Rishikesh and other parts of the world, Kuldeep is qualified to teach all forms of Yoga including Hatha, Ashtanga, Flow Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Open Back Bending Yoga, Shoulder Open Yoga, Yin Yoga and Yoga Therapy for alleviation of diseases and health problems. Kuldeep’s training programs are intensive, immersive and transformative! He believes that Yoga is not a work out but a work in, teaching us to open up spiritually and focus on our awareness.

Training Experience

What are Kuldeep's qualifications?

Kuldeep has international accreditation having completed his academic education from UK. He is certified from the Yog Atman Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh. He also holds a diploma from the Shetalvedik Yoga College, Rishikesh. Kuldeep further holds a PG Diploma of Yoga.

What is Kuldeep's training experience?

Kuldeep has vast experience having worked as a Yoga Teacher in Guangzhou China as well as leading classes in Yin Yoga and Open back Bending Yoga in Nanjing China. He also has teaching experience from Om Santi Yoga Maha Vidhalaya in Rishikesh.

What is Kuldeep's style of teaching?

Kuldeep’s training style centres around Vinyasa and Ashtanga. Samasa means fusion. He fuses and integrates both bringing the best of somatic, good exercise science and posture analysis evoking a style of Yoga that is flowing, safe, explorative and healing. Through Yin Yoga and Open Back Bending Yoga he helps clients discover their inner selves and build creative flow practices that go deep and stay with them. Kuldeep uses Shoulder Open Yoga and Flow Yoga curating fitness routines specifically tailormade to the client’s ability. He also helps clients to alleviate the pain of injury and disease through the practice of Yoga and therapy. Kuldeep adds strength and conditioning to his Yoga training poses to promote flexibility and experience mental health benefits.

Is Kuldeep available for personal training at the client's place?

Yes Kuldeep is available for personal one-on-one training at client's place as well as for teaching in yoga retreats and yoga teacher training schools in Rishikesh and elsewhere in India. Kuldeep is also a very highly in-demand online yoga instructor teaching his students worldwide through online instruction.


Ashtanga Yoga
Hatha Yoga
Flow Yoga
Open Backbending Yoga
Shoulder Opening Yoga

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