Priyanka Best Zumba Trainer Instructor Gurgaon


Age: Thirties
Experience: 5+ years
Specialization: Zumba, Fitness

Priyanka is a qualified Zumba instructor from Gurgaon whose sole purpose is to help people fall in love with Zumba and make dance fitness a part of their lives. Priyanka conducts group Zumba sessions at outdoor and indoor events and seminars across Gurgaon and Delhi. If you are looking for a young, athletic and experienced Zumba instructor for your group event look no further! No matter what your age, your fitness level, or if you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer, Priyanka will create a dance fitness routine for participants ranging in numbers from 15 to 100 and more! Priyanka is also a certified fitness instructor having worked at various gyms like Cult Fit, Gold’s Gym, Team Core, Brix Corporate gyms as a Zumba instructor and fitness trainer. Priyanka fuses hypnotic Latin and Bollywood rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a high-energy, total-body, dance-based workout. Priyanka is also trained in Pilates so she incorporates some of it into every session creating combination workouts that mix things up to keep you engaged and help you burn calories faster. In fact in Priyanka's own words - "In my workout and dance fitness sessions, participants dont sweat, they sparkle!"

Training Experience

What are Priyanka's qualifications?

Priyanka is certified in Zumba and has a ZIN Level 1 Certificate. She is also a qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach in Pilates, Yoga, and mobility from the ACE-approved Cult Fit Instructor Training Course.

What is Priyanka's teaching experience?

Priyanka has conducted Zumba sessions for several Corporate Events like Deloitte, AMDOCS, Amazon, Accenture, RBS, IIT Bombay, Decathlon, Mercer Consulting India, Olamites, Club Mahindra, Far Eye, Better place technologies, and Muscle Blaze as well as being linked with various gyms like Cult Fit, Gold's gym, Team core, Brix Corporate gyms, as well as running online and offline Zumba / Fat loss Workout / Strength Training, Pilates and Yoga sessions, and helping clients to achieve their fitness goals. She has also collaborated with Fitness Start-up Hobit India, as a Senior Zumba Fitness Instructor, providing them with Online Zumba Fitness Content.

What is Priyanka's style of teaching?

Priyanka blends a variety of dance styles and Bollywood music. Her session combines low and high-intensity exercises that are designed to improve aerobic capacity, muscle strength, balance, and flexibility. Having trained in Pilates as well, Priyanka incorporates it into the session with a low-impact strength training workout that emphasizes the precise use of the muscles of the abdominals, lower back, hips and thighs. It is basically a strength training workout which she supplements with Zumba. Priyanka’s revolutionary workout is designed to make you achieve your weight loss targets. Get your workout in while having an amazing time. She works flawlessly with varying age groups as well as different experience levels. Priyanka adapts to the client and offers modifications for all fitness levels.

Is Priyanka available for corporate events?

Yes! Priyanka is available for conducting group Zumba sessions at corporate companies and for events across Gurgaon and Delhi.


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