Female Yoga Teacher at Home Koramangla Bangalore

Parminder Kaur

Age: Twenties
Experience: 4+ years
Specialization: Yoga

Parminder is a skilled and highly experienced Multistyle Yoga instructor training our clients in Koramangala suburb of Bangalore. Parminder qualified in yoga teacher training through many prestigious universities such as the Arogya School of Yoga, Uttarakhand Sanskrit University and Rishikesh YYTC School of Yoga and is also conversant with other disciplines such as Weight Training and Pilates. Parminder is also a certified nutritionist and sports therapist bringing forth an amalgamation of both fitness and nutrition. She improves the overall health of her clients by first assessing client fitness levels and safely supporting weight loss goals through correct diet and nutrition charts and advice. Parminder also specializes in conducting private physical therapy sessions for clients such as Fascia Release Therapy and Trigger Point Therapy to cure cervical kyphosis, lower back pain, sciatica and arthritis, guiding clients in Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Yoga Therapy to improve their flexibility, spiritual wellness and impart in-depth understanding of Yogic philosophy. She also conducts Advanced body opening workshops (Back bending, hip opening and arm balancing). Given her vast experience and immense qualifications, Parminder has a proven track record, of helping clients to achieve their nutrition goals and manage their health, with a focus on Multi Style Yoga to attain their fitness targets.

Training Experience

What are Parminder's qualifications?

Parminder is highly qualified having completed her Masters in Yogic Sciences and Philosophy from the renowned Uttarakhand Sanskrit University. She is also certified from the Rishikesh YTTC School of Yoga and the Arogya School of Yoga at Rishikesh having earned cumulatively 500+Hrs of learning to her credit. In addition, she is also certified in Nutrition and Performance Enhancement from the prestigious American Certification Institute.

What is Parminder's style of teaching?

Parminder teaches clients with a fusion of training styles, like yoga, body weight training, weight training, cardio and floor Pilates along with Yoga and stretching sessions. She educates students in private sessions about proper alignment and adjustment of exercises to avoid injury, and reap maximum benefits of the workout plan. She guides clients on nutrition and healthy eating, while helping to decrease stress levels and increase productivity. Parminder teaches Mantra chanting along with meditation and therapy sessions for healing and curing injuries. She believes that since Yoga is a gentle form of fitness almost anyone can be coached regardless of age or fitness levels, and she helps clients to achieve this through Yoga, meditation and other fitness forms thus eliminating boredom and increasing efficiency.

What is Parminder's teaching experience?

Parminder has extensive experience as she has taught students around the globe, specializing in private physical therapy sessions at the Sun Island Resort and Spa Maldives, leading Pranayama and Yoga Nidra workshops. A freelance Fitness Coach at Chandigarh in the past, she has been leading classes with a variety of training styles like weight training, cardio and floor Pilates. Parminder was also a Yoga Instructor at the Upaya Yoga in Goa, teaching anatomy, adjustment/ alignment and mantra chanting. She has also been a Yoga Teacher at Kaya Kalp in Mohali, where she trained, coached and supervised new staff members, in addition to giving lessons on concentration and relaxation techniques.

Is Parminder available for personal training at home?

Yes! Parminder is available as a personal instructor to train clients at home in Koramangla suburb of Bangalore. Furthermore she is also busy as an online yoga instructor available to teach clients worldwide depending on her availability.


Ashtang Yoga
Hatha Yoga
Floor Pilates
Diet & Nutrition
Yoga Nidra

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