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Devyani Rane

Age: Twenties
Experience: 4 years
Specialization: Yoga

Devyani is a professional Yoga and Zumba Instructor with over 4 years of experience in the field of fitness. With a RYT 500 Yoga certification from The Yoga Institute, she has conducted Intermediate Yoga sessions at Ekam Yoga Institute on Strength Training and Weight Management. With her teaching and volunteering experience, Devyani has mastered the ability to practice and demonstrate Asanas, Pranayamas & Kriyas. She specializes in Ashtanga Yoga and motivates her clients to adapt a healthier lifestyle while building effective plans for all individuals. Devyani has also conducted varied Classical Zumba sessions including Salsa, Chacha, Reggaeton, Bachata, Hip-hop, Belly dance and Bhangra sessions for all age groups of individuals. With strong interpersonal communication skills and extensive knowledge of Anatomy, Nutrition and Food Science, Devyani strives to help her clients achieve strength, flexibility and balance through the practice of yoga.

Training Experience

What are Devyani's qualifications?

Devyani has successfully completed her RYT 500 Yoga Certification from The Yoga Institute, Mumbai, and has also conducted Zumba and Jive workshops in Mumbai and Goa.

What is Devyani's teaching philosophy?

Devyani has always been committed to providing extensive detailed instructions & guidance to her clients, while motivating them to find true inner peace and their healthiest self. She also creates effective teaching plans that aim to support and benefit them and bring forth love and respect for the art of Yoga.

Is Devyani available for personal training?

Yes, Devyani is available for personal training in the western suburbs of Mumbai.


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