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Zumba Classes at a Consulting Firm

Zumba Classes Corporate Company

Zumba is a popular dance form that mixes upbeat Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves that combines to create a dynamic and irresistible dance fitness program that in one world is truly – FUN! Wellintra’s Zumba Instructors fan out every day to different parts of the city to conduct Zumba sessions for employees.

At Wellintra, our goal is simple – We want employees in companies to incorporate fitness into their work hours and Zumba is one activity which is easy to get hooked onto and thus ensures employee participation. If you can do a one hour session of Zumba thrice a week, then you can achieve long-term health benefits while having an absolute blast in one exhilarating hour where you burn hundreds of calories, energize your body, improve your mood and also increase your sense of balance, co-ordination and strength. No wonder then that for a lot of people, Zumba sessions are exercises in disguise and time flies by so fast that they do not even realise that 1 hour has gone by and they have had the most fun in office that day!

Have a look at below at snapshots of one the sessions that our Zumba Instructor Swati regularly conducts for the employees of a Top Consulting Firm in Nariman Point. Swati is a certified fitness instructor as well and so her routines feature interval training sessions where she combines fast and slow rhythms and includes resistance training to tone and sculpt your body while at the same time burn fat. Hire Swati for your Zumba event or for conducting Zumba classes at your company and you are sure to come away impressed!

Zumba at Workplace

Some basic Warm Ups

Corpotate Zumba Classes

More Stretches

Corporate Zumba Classes South Mumbai

Swati Steps it Up a Notch

Zumba Instructors Mumbai

End of Warm Ups & Conditioning

Best Zumba Trainers ZIN

The Fun Begins

Zumba Instructors Companies

Have Fun While Losing Weight

Best ZIN Mumbai

This ain’t a Dance Class!

Best Zumba Trainers Mumbai

Ditch the Workout Join the Party!

Top Zumba Trainers in South Mumbai

Zumba Fitness is For you!


Zumba Classes at BCG
Nariman Point, South Mumbai,Mumbai,Maharashtra-400 001
Started on
March 1, 2018
Ended on
December 31, 2018
Weekly Zumba classes conducted by Wellintra Fitness Zumba Instructor Swati at Consulting Firm in Mumbai

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