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Yoga at the workplace is becoming more and more popular with companies across India and Wellintra Fitness has been a part of this corporate wellness revolution that is slowly but surely taking root across various companies in India. The word ‘yoga’ has been derived from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’ which denotes joining of the individual with the Universal. Regular practise of yoga can help a person gain mastery over his / her mind and calm the mind and the senses. By helping a person bring steadiness on the physical, intellectual and emotional level, Yoga can help create a more balanced and integrated personality.

It is a fact that when left to their own devices, most people will always choose the easy way out in life. It is no different for employees in an organization. Most people working in offices and companies do not have the time nor the inclination to seek out a gym or a yoga studio because of their already packed schedule. So if you cannot go to a Yoga studio, make the Yoga Studio come to you! Which is why mandatory yoga / fitness / Zumba ® sessions conducted within the premises of a company can force employees to get fit. Employees becoming fitter and healthier can in turn improve the health of the organization in more ways than one. Research has proven that every 1 dollar that a company spends on employee fitness reaps a reward of 3 dollars and more in return. Lets look at the various ways that employees can benefit from Yoga:

  1. Improved Productivity
  2. More optimistic outlook on work, life and leisure
  3. Improved Mental functioning
  4. Better Decision-making abilities
  5. Better health resulting in Reduced Injuries & Less Sick Leaves
  6. Lasting happiness – Under all conditions!

Wellness Partner to Corporates

At Wellintra Fitness, we help you design customized yoga & fitness programs according to the age group of your employees and the space and time available. A Futures & Derivatives Trading Startup based in Andheri East was looking for a wellness partner to start fitness programs for their young employees who were leading hectic super-charged lives at the cost of their health. Alarmed by the prospects of all the unhealthy sitting, bad posture and poor eating habits taking a toll on the health of their employees, the HR department got in touch with us to start yoga & relaxation classes for their employees. After taking stock of the space available, we decided to break up a fitness session into 2 halves.

First Half: A 30 minute high intensity fitness / power yoga session inside their seminar room.

Second Half: A 30 minute breathing, meditation & mindfulness session around their workstations.

Our yoga instructor Shraddha conducted the first session successfully. We are now in the process of working out a monthly fitness schedule for them. Have a look at some of the pictures from the corporate yoga session below.

corporate yoga workshops

Greetings to the Yoga Teacher!

office yoga companies india

Improving balance one leg at a time!

office yoga demo andheri

On your Marks..

Corporate Wellness Company in Mumbai

Reaching Ahead

yoga at office workstations

The Corporate Warrior Pose!

yoga wellness at company

Gather Around

wellness company mumbai

Gently Does it

corporate yoga sessions

Stretch Up & Feel Energized

Wellness Sessions at Office Andheri

There You Go!

Workplace Fitness Mumbai

Mudras For Mind Control

Yoga Relaxation Session Employees

Refresh Your Eyes & Back to Work!

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