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At Wellintra, we believe choosing a personal trainer tailored to your lifestyle and your desired goals should not be such a frustrating process. We make it easy for you to get started and start getting the results you always wanted! Everyone in India’s major cities leads highly hectic and stressful lives where the need to factor in a physical fitness regime is a growing concern and in fact almost a necessity. Every person has different needs for hiring the services of a Personal Trainer be it weight loss, muscle gain, toning up or just generally enhancing one’s general health and fitness. One also decides to hire a personal trainer when one is considering training for a special event such as getting ready for a marathon or getting in shape for a wedding!

Working out with a personal trainer beats working out alone hands down! If you are new to exercising, working with a personal trainer will make the process of getting fit easier, safer and of course a great deal more entertaining and lively. Whatever your fitness goals and whatever be the idealized image of the perfect body that you have in mind, the fitness trainers associated with Wellintra are here to help you attain your goals faster and easier.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Work Out With a Personal Trainer

1. Motivation

Motivation is the number 1. reason why most people decide to invest in Personal training over every other reason. Becoming fit and staying healthy all boils down to staying on track and staying motivated to do whatever activity it is that you have decided to stick to. The personal trainers associated with Wellintra will give you the kind of attention and motivation that you have never experienced before. Our trainers will help you move past self-imposed limitations, create a feeling of accomplishment within you and help you to achieve your benchmarks and goals that you you would have never though possible in your wildest dreams!

2. Results

Research and studies have clearly proved that those who work with a personal trainer tend to achieve upto 80% better results – three times better than if they were to work out alone! Personal Training in a nutshell will help you surpass your own expectations because you will be following proven scientific and well established guidelines and procedures for fitness training resulting in faster and more impressive results. If you have been watching videos and reading books and mobile apps to chart your own fitness routine, STOP RIGHT NOW! Every body on this planet is different and every personal training session is unique and tailored to your body-type, needs, goals and the deadline that you have wish to achieve the results in.

3. Safety

Every personal trainer and those at Wellintra especially aim to ensure at all times that our clients exercise safely to prevent injury. Based on your individual health, our trainers will fashion your sessions accordingly to help prevent and alleviate health problems. Don’t we all have that one friend or relative who took to working out or doing yoga incorrectly and instead of curing his / her health problems created a major injury in his / her body instead! Isn’t there a reason that you take your car to the mechanic when faced with a breakdown of the vehicle? Because you trust them as professionals who have been trained to do a specific job correctly and scientifically.

4. Accountability

A personal trainer makes it easier for you to exercise consistently and helps you stay committed to your program. When you know that you have an appointment with a real human being who is coming halfway across town to your home or gym, battling traffic and pollution and presents a smiling face, you know you cannot skip that workout! Less cancelled workouts = Impressive Fitness! Period.


Hiring a personal fitness trainer to train you at your home is easier on the wallet than hiring a trainer at your gym – Almost 25 % lesser!

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