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Saloni is a qualified and experienced yoga instructor who trains our clients from Andheri East to Kandivali. Having experienced the life-changing and transformative powers of yoga herself, she has dedicated herself to bringing this same life-changing power of yoga to others. After spending 6 years flying with Qatar Airways as an air hostess and after other varied stints in Aviation and Hospitality industries, Saloni decided to turn her passion for yoga and meditation into a full time profession and she hasn’t looked back ever since!

As a personal yoga instructor, Saloni’s aim is to create a safe, playful and enjoyable ambience where her clients can explore their limits and be curious about the various aspects of yoga. She wants to be able to help her students break through mental and physical boundaries and start living life more fully off the mat. When you attend one of Saloni’s classes you can’t help but leave the session feeling totally uplifted and feeling more in love with yoga! As a yoga teacher, Saloni stresses on putting safety first and using solid body alignment to maximize the benefits of her class. Her personal training sessions foster a holistic approach to personal fitness with an emphasis on mind, body and the breath connection. Balance is the key because according to her, “Life is all about finding the balance!”


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To Book Saloni for a private or group yoga session, call on +91 98 20 607 875 or use the form below:

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