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Rajesh is one of the finest Tai Chi instructors in Mumbai and though based in Andheri trains our clients all over Mumbai. Rajesh commenced his training in Hua Chuan Kungfu-Wushu in 1993 at Universal Martial Arts Research Center. He also started receiving his basic grounding in Tai Chi & Chi Kung during this period. He started teaching and conducting Kungfu-Wushu & Functional Fitness Training classes in 1998 in various private schools and started doing personal training sessions for clients thereafter. As a martial arts instructor, Rajesh has been training individuals of all age groups and learner levels – right from children to senior citizens. From 2010 onwards, Rajesh started teaching Taiji (Tai Chi) & Qigong (Chi Kung).

Rajesh teaches the Yang style Tai Chi and is currently pursuing advanced studies in Huang style Taichi under his Master Rakesh Menon who is associated with the Association of Huang Taichi, Malaysia. Rajesh says, “There is more to Tai Chi than what meets the eye and it is difficult to describe what Tai Chi is in one sentence. Aesthetically it is a beautiful form of exercise to look at, easy to perform and enjoyable to practice. For the student of Tai Chi, it can become a meditation and an integrative exercise to perform for the mind and body. Regular practice of Tai Chi can help you become more tranquil and help bring in more clarity in thinking and speech.” Finally he says, “Tai Chi can mean different things to different people but regular practice can help a person become healthier and bring about a total transformation in one’s physical and mental well being.


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